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  1. What size battery do Bering watches take? In particular their model 11939-393?
  2. It was purchased through eBay where it was erroneously listed as having mineral glass. sent via htc one m9
  3. It was purchased through eBay where it was erroneously listed as having mineral glass. sent via htc one m9
  4. It was purchased through eBay where it was erroneously listed as having mineral glass. sent via htc one m9
  5. This particular watch is intended for the Japanese market and was purchased directly from Japan. Reading translated specs on casio.jp web site I see it says "resin glass" so there you have it. Hmm . . I wonder if it's anything like gorilla glass? https://casio.jp/wat/watch_detail/WVA-M650D-1A/
  6. I agree with you. That is my opinion as well. Although the specs claim mineral glass.
  7. I want to know why the devil this $200 watch scratched so easily. I've been wearing a cheap $40 K&S autowind at my machinist job for several months and not get a scratch on it but the moment I wear this Casio for just one day the crystal scratches up?
  8. At this angle you can clearly see the dimple that is still in the crystal. But it's usually not very noticeable. And not seen in the last two pics above. So I won't change it just yet. Dimple was caused by improper use of a dremel and polishing wheel.
  9. Yeah, I love this watch and won't give it up for nothin'. Perfect size, full featured, light weight, solar powered, syncs every night at 12:04, easy to read digital stop watch, secondary time set to Greenwich UTC, 5 alarms, has a light but the lume is bright and easily visible all night long clear to my alarm time of 5:45. WVA-M650D-1A2JF sent via htc one m9
  10. Detail of polished area, cleaned up and scratch free. Compare to my first posted picture. sent via htc one m9
  11. Ah.. makes me wonder if the crystal I've been working on above is actually acrylic. Kinda feels like plastic. I may contact you if the old Timex needs a new one. sent via htc one m9
  12. Agreed. I have an old '70's Timex that's pretty scratched up. I'll see what I can do. But I believe it's an acrylic crystal so I wonder if a rotary tool would be appropriate? sent via htc one m9
  13. Not if your in-experienced doing so. The reason it took several hours of hard rubbing was not for the original scratch (easily removed several days ago) but for removing the dimples and marks caused by improper use of the rotary tool and felt wheel. I tried the dremel method twice as shown in the esslinger and other videos and both times I apparently applied too much pressure with not enough movement and the friction overheated the wheel on the crystal causing a dimple and tiny score marks. Suggest recommending novices practice the technique on something other than a good watch first. sent via htc one m9
  14. The sapphire crystal arrived and I must say I'm am not all that impressed with it. It just a flat piece of blah glass. The original mineral glass has a very slight curve to it. So I decided to try rubbing a bit more with that diamond paste. Went by hand using q-tip, paper towel and a few dabs of the heavier 28 micron stuff. It took several hours of hard rubbing but now all the scratches are gone and that depression in the center is just barely felt. Followed up with some finer grades and used .5 micron as a final polish. I'm happy with this and am thinking about not changing the crystal after all. sent via htc one m9
  15. They already shipped! That was quick within an hour of placing the order. Regardless the damaged crystal is rather inconspicuous now. And you have to hold it at a certain angle to really see it. But I know it's there. So I'll change it. sent via htc one m9
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