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    All sorts! Currently exploring the world of pocket watches.

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About Me

Software engineer by day, watch botherer by night.

Currently bottom feeding on fleabay and enjoying trying to get these old movements working.

Decided to try fixing watches as I need something to do in the eventing. Hate TV and don't watch it. Like wood turning but that's no good in the winter when it's freezing cold in the shed. Fixing watches appealed to me as it's mechanical and I've always has an aptitude for mechanical systems (from VCR mechanisms to motorcycle engines). It also has the major benefit it can be done indoors and in front of the fire on a cold winter evening.

Also been electrical engineer and audio/video technician - but that was a decade or two ago; I had hair and could see small things without glasses back then.

(p.s. p2n is short for pointer2null. It started as a spam sink email back in 2000. It was a joke address - in software a pointer to null, or null pointer, is a dead end. It goes nowhere and anything sent there is gone forever. I started using it as a throwaway handle on websites for that reason. But over the years it was the one consistent handle and it's about the only one I use now. So it's gone from spam sink to throwaway handle to the only handle.)


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