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  1. I have watched many a infomercial satellite feed in the 90's when they were selling these watches. Exuberantly hyped and sold with all the discounting and bundling techniques. I always felt they were pitched to those who didn't know better and at the time I think they were regarded as lower quality "pretty" watches. That said, I always was tempted to buy one but never did as I'd rather spend the money on a quality vintage watch.
  2. Damn fine video! Glad that was a big screw. I can't imagine how they make some of the much, much smaller screws in many watches.
  3. Very cool, I don't recall ever seeing that on a watch before. Thanks.
  4. Wed 3? What is three? I'm sure I'm about to look like an idiot... 3rd month maybe? 3rd day of the week? IDK...
  5. That's a cool watch! I wouldnt mail it back to the "Product Services Division" as stated in the warranty Love that the box is with it. Keeper
  6. What is the window to the left under "Seiko"? I'm confused
  7. Is there another screw hole around the other side? Is there not a screw in it either? Take a few pics around the edge of the movement, that may not be the dial screw hole.
  8. Do not assume anything when troubleshooting. Just because a part was just replaced, cleaned, or "it can't be that because..." this will stop a proper diagnosis and put you into a vicious circle. My rule number 1 for any kind of service work.
  9. I often use it without the base, sometimes it doesn't allow enough crystal protruding.
  10. Galvanic corrosion from dissimilar metals, aluminum is bad about that. Not much can be done here short of a redial and in that case I'd look for another dial made of brass.
  11. Well stated MT, When working on any vintage equipment with two wire power cords, I always change them out for a three wire grounded cord that is grounded to the chassis. In the US grounds are all connected together and to earth ground. Any leak from load side AC to ground will trip a circuit breaker. Btw, gfi's are code required near a water source.
  12. Make SURE you put a three wire, grounded plug and cord on. It could save your life.
  13. That base actually holds the crystal in place and the metal sides space the compressor up slightly to leave enough plastic at the bottom of the crystal to insert into a case. Am I correct?
  14. Very, very cool. I'd gold plate it and wear it! You make me want a lathe.
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