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    French mantle clock by Vincenti Cie

    Thank you very much, gentlemen, for your input and assistance. The figures above the maker mark state 6-4 which I converted into 171.44 mm of the required pendulum length. I will buy the pendulum and a suspension spring as advised and carry on searching for the local clock maker to service the movement.
  2. Hello gentlemen, I would like to get fixed my antique French mantle clock manufactured by Vincenti Cie but the local clock service quoted me £300 for replacement of pendulum & French suspension spring. I found a website which offers clock parts for French movements for reasonable prices and would like to purchase the correct pendulum and a suspension spring to reduce the cost of repairs. https://www.cousinsuk.com/category/pendulum-clock-suspension-springs https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/french-clock-pendulums?code=P1132 Would someone be kind to point out which of the parts will suit this movement? Frankly speaking, I am in doubt that a suspension spring is actually required, it seems to me that only pendulum is missing but I am not a specialist. Any advice is highly appreciated.