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  1. Paul78

    Omega 565 Exploded diagram.

    Thanks for that rod, but its missing the parts that i need, (i probably should have just asked this in the first place), but the part i require is the date change wheel - the one that changes the date every 24 hours, not the quick date changer. i just want to confirm the part number as there are more than one part coming up on the cosuins website. Thanks
  2. Paul78

    Omega 565 Exploded diagram.

    Thanks for taking the time to look
  3. Does anyone have the exploded view for the Omega 565, i think the 560 - 565 are much the same but i cant find anything other than parts list. Thanks
  4. yeh ordered a new crystal first, hoping this would solve the problem, but it didnt - still moves.
  5. so i ordered this part - Cousins does list part number X28249 stem with wedge, and can confirm it is NOT the part required, its just a stem with quite a fat section, i assume this is whats referred to as the wedge! back to the drawing board.
  6. Paul78

    Replacement parts EB 8400

    The complete balance is available from www. cousinsuk.com, see below. No info on jewel though. Balance Complete, Pin Lever, Ordinary ( 793 ), EB 8400.74 Found in Watch Parts Watch Parts Branded EB Movement Parts Code: EB840074793
  7. Think I might just order it and try it, it's only £9 and as I can't get the others haven't got much choice. I'll let you know of it works
  8. Is anyone else - omega Pro's able to offer any advice on whether this part would fit?
  9. Thanks Wayne, I'll look into it, would rather get the original item if possible. I'll send a support request. How did you find the part? I've looked on the 565 paperwork etc and couldn't find it....
  10. It's the 565, exactly the same as the one in the link you posted. I'm just wondering if I can make one somehow using a plastic spacer. But it's so small!
  11. So I see what you mean, after reading the article it's called a wedge and is part number 0920001BL. ive checked cousinsuk and no such part with them. Looks like I maybe a little stuck with this one!
  12. Hi Wayne, I'm not a member no, but will take a look. I tried to attach some photos to show you but can't because of the upload image size limit. There is definitely no half moon shaped spacer though.
  13. Hi all, im having a bit of an issue with the above watch. The crown (female end) is constantly sliding off the male end as the movement has a little bit of play inside the case which is a on earth piece - access is via the front by removing the glass The customer who brought it in had dropped it and it came to pieces so I'm not sure if he's lost a piece - like some kind of movement ring to secure the movement. There are two case screws with lugs on the back which are fine, and the case has a couple of slots which they go into then you have to turn the movement into position. But the problem is once the glass is back on etc the movement is able to turn slightly, allowing the male and female end to slide apart. Any ideas? thanks for any help.
  14. Paul78

    Stem trouble in Omega dynamic

    Can i ask does this movement have a ring to secure it once its fitted into the case? i've got one of these in for repair now, it was dropped and fell to pieces, the female end of the stem just keeps coming off! not because its loose but because there is a little bit of play with the movement, when it turns slightly the stem just slides right off. Just wondering if there is a ring missing or something.