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  1. Can anyone tell me what brand the attached watch is, I thought it was FHF but it isn’t, I’m struggling to find anything. The caliber is 985 but not seen the logo before. I need a setting lever spring for it.
  2. Can anyone identify what the movement is please? I can’t find the symbol in the bestfit books. Not seen one before Thanks
  3. Hi all, im looking for a bulova 11AL movement, or speficially i need setting lever, setting lever screw and stem. Can anyone help? or suggest anywhere that may have stock? ive checked ebay and the usual places. Thanks in advance. Paul
  4. Whenever I work on a watch that has the valjoux 7750 chronograph movement I’m always faced with one problem - removing the centre chronograph second hand! Its always so tight on that the collet will break off or the hand just generally ends up damaged, I’ve tried numerous times with different sized levers and presto tools but still can’t seem to do a great job of it. Anyone any tips on getting it off? Paul
  5. Yeh I’ve been unable to find anything, I’ve tried the ETA website and they say it doesn’t exist when searching for it. Thanks for trying. The image below is all I can get from the Longines website.
  6. Can anyone help me, I’m looking for a strip down diagram of the above movement. I’ve searched online and can’t find anything, apparently the Omega 3330 is based on the same movement. It’s a chronograph with column wheel only made for ETA apparently. the one I have has had some damage and the chronograph second counter hand snapped off with part of the shaft still stuck inside. For some reason I’m unable to remove the chrono second counter wheel, it seems to be jammed, I’ve removed all of the auto parts so can see it but it just doesn’t seem to want to come out. Looking at it, it just looks like a modified valjoux 7750 and I know the second counter wheel on those just lifts out. Any help would be appreciated. Paul
  7. Thanks for that rod, but its missing the parts that i need, (i probably should have just asked this in the first place), but the part i require is the date change wheel - the one that changes the date every 24 hours, not the quick date changer. i just want to confirm the part number as there are more than one part coming up on the cosuins website. Thanks
  8. Does anyone have the exploded view for the Omega 565, i think the 560 - 565 are much the same but i cant find anything other than parts list. Thanks
  9. yeh ordered a new crystal first, hoping this would solve the problem, but it didnt - still moves.
  10. so i ordered this part - Cousins does list part number X28249 stem with wedge, and can confirm it is NOT the part required, its just a stem with quite a fat section, i assume this is whats referred to as the wedge! back to the drawing board.
  11. The complete balance is available from www. cousinsuk.com, see below. No info on jewel though. Balance Complete, Pin Lever, Ordinary ( 793 ), EB 8400.74 Found in Watch Parts Watch Parts Branded EB Movement Parts Code: EB840074793
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