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  1. kakikokukufate

    my increasing collection

    Hello Again. Is it correct if I define these as "Watchporn"? Hope you like it... More soon. Thank you very much for watching.
  2. kakikokukufate

    my increasing collection

    Hello everyone... Bulova ACCUTRON (carcass)
  3. kakikokukufate

    my increasing collection

    Hello dadistic: It is indeed. More images soon.
  4. kakikokukufate


    Hello everyone: Wls1971 & Oldhippy: Thank you very much for your kind attention and accurate information regarding this piece. It provides more light about the origin of it and in some way allow me to "speculate" the way this pocket watch end here in a flea market: -Between 1865 to 1920, There were some families who showed up as aristocrats and followers of the extinct French empire in Mexico. These families were living in such fancy manors in the same Neighborhood, The "Rome neighborhood". -With the pass of time these families were getting old and perish, leaving some distant relatives with a lot of debts and fully furnished "old houses (mansions)". -The flea market where I did acquire this watch is located in "Rome neighborhood". - (Oldhippy, this proves your explanation) Somebody there at the flea market were selling a silver box with a "big hole". He said it was a "fancy kleenex dispenser". Vacherin: Thank you very much for your suggestion. I certainly will clean it and service the mechanism. I am planning to restore "in a museological way" the gun metal finish (just to erase the scratches in the mechanism lid and prevent more rust in the hinges). TimFitz: Thank you very much.
  5. kakikokukufate

    my increasing collection

    Hello again. This is a picture of one of my teacher`s chest where I am "studying", at his shop/store. I will put more pics soon. I have to be "Authorized"to take them.
  6. kakikokukufate


    More pictures: Here I am showing the "scratch" in the mechanism lid, and the hit in the glass. The last picture shows the box that the seller gave me. It is from a HAMILTON pocket watch. Thank you very much again.
  7. Hello. I "rescued" this huge pocket watch wich is now called GOLIATH, because of its size, from a (troglodyte) seller. He scratched the case trying to open the mechanism lid. I should start with the very few information I collected from many places, including of course watchmakers and jewellers estimations. -Size: 36s (60.11mm). The biggest one. -Case: 70mm(With out crown). -Case Material: Steel (No Stainless). Gunmetal finish. -Movement: Cylinder Escapement. Which means it might be prior to 20th Century. - Dial type: Looks like silver/ gold plated brass with enameled arabic numbers. Perhaps the entire plate is made of silver with gilds. -It might be made in France. The mechanism lid has a phrase in french (ACIER GARANTI) According to the above mentioned, the two main questions are: -WHO MADE THIS POCKET WATCH? -WHEN?(Estimated year of manufacture) This particular piece is working, but needs a full service. My last question would be: SHOULD I "RESTORE" THE DIAL OR SHOULD I LEAVE IT AS IT IS RIGHT NOW? Every comment and suggestion will be highly appreciated. The images:
  8. kakikokukufate

    my increasing collection

    These are some pocket watch dials. One of them, the "BURLINGTON SPECIAL" dial, has come with the "sunk"second bit loose. Question: Does anyone knows a way to "fix" the "hebdomas" dial? (left corner)
  9. kakikokukufate

    my increasing collection

    Hello. I am learning(Never too old). And I could say I have one of the best teachers (besides this great page) As the main title says, I am posting my collection, trying to keep "types" or "sections", since (as you can imagine), I really like watches. These are my Pocket Watches. All of them are "projects", which could be the main reason I acquire them at a very low price. I hope you like them.
  10. kakikokukufate


    Hello. I would like to congratulate the personnel staff that provides and supports at this web page. Someone tried to get into my account with no success. Although this is my second post, I feel very confident now posting my comments here. Thank you very much. P.S. Right now I´m taking some pictures. The plan is to (evidently) post them.
  11. kakikokukufate

    hello from MEXICO

    As in the main title, Hello. I am new on this wonderful "universe". These are just two of what I have. The first image is a CITIZEN(in the back says C25-CX), wiht a PRESIDENTE (CHOCOLATE BRAND) publicity dial. The other two images are from a SIDNEY brand chronograph. LANDERON 48 caliber. This is the one that I want to repair/restore myself (someday in the near future). Thank you very much for watch...for look