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  1. Because at this point it seems no other option is present to release the rest of the stem which is still stuck inside the movement , neither are we able to dismantle the watch from the front like hands and dial as the dial is intact with the movement( Dial legs) and we also thought of not cutting the dial legs to access the movement /
  2. Since Half the stem is still stuck inside the movement its not possible to rotate / What should be done ? is drilling the last option ?
  3. Hi All, No i haven't worked on watches ,but this watch has been given to my watch maker for service, who has the tools Like the 107 and the Berger correct me if I am wrong , but since the watch was keep away for years and seems like the rust which has cause the breakage The two links which actually helped us were the ones below http://www.old-omegas.com/tool107.html Download video But we have done the same thing probably and seem to be stuck at a point as RODABOD said we were thinking if drilling in was the best thing to do , Please advice and I resort to you all. Thank you
  4. Hi Everyone, Need help with my vintage Omega dynamic with stem stuck inside the case, only the crown is out(Due to rust) and now it seems we are having trouble turning the dial and movement to get them out as the broken Stem is obstructing the Movement & Dial rotation. Please suggest how to remove the Movement without damaging the dial or the case . Thanks for the Help.
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