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  1. yes that makes sense, to try to find a complete watch with same calibre movement but not working , thanks again guys for advice, cheers
  2. the problem is i don't have the case! I got the movement to play with and it came with the crystal and dial already in place only. the problem will be finding a case I guess. I have some information on the dimensions of the movement, but I would need gasket/rings I guess these would come with the case? the seiko has a rubber mount for the movment, would I have to find something similar to match?sorry to be vague but as I said, I'm not experienced.
  3. It says tissot & fils, it's similar but you can see the differences, most obviously in the balance wheel which has screws whcih I'm guessing allows for finer adjustments. thanks for the advice digginstony, if I understand correctly you're saying that if I replace the crystal and find a generic dial it will be easier to match to a case? I've probably got that completely wrong. cheers
  4. another watch aficionado with more interest and curiosity than expertise as yet but hopefully on the way there, cheers
  5. HI all, I've gone from being a lover of vintage watches to a tinkerer. I started on Seiko 7S26 movement, disassembling and now reassembling. I bought a tissot 27B-21 moment, dial ( not in great condition) and crystal very cheaply, thinking i would just use it to learn with, but it's very clean and a nice looking movement, so i wonder if anyone knows of options for using one of these movements as part of a project. obviously not to try to restore to an original Tissot watch, but to find a case and to build a watch from there. I'm very inexperienced with hands on stuff so any advice would be appreciated.
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