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  1. Thank you for your replies, everyone! I went and got a second opinion at a watch repair in another city, since this guy was the only one here, and they said no problem, turns out a friend of his out west has a few bows for my watch, which he is going to ship to my address, and I just have to cover the shipping cost. It's a style 6 pocket Ben from the '60s. Right now it's got an old jump loop and cheap chain that Gramps rigged on after the bow came off. But I'd rather get the actual bow that fits it, because I'm worried the bent-into-shape jump loop's going to let go.
  2. So my Nana gave me my Gramps' Pocket Ben he's had as a work watch, but the chain loop on the top is missing. I took it to my local watch repair and they said that you can't replace that loop (I think it's called a bow?) on any watch because "it won't have enough tension". Is this true? Because I'm pretty sure I've seen replacement ones on eBay and Amazon, but I don't want to order any if I can't actually put it on.
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