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  1. Hi, Im new and finding my way around the forum. Sorry if this has been asked a thousand times before but I cant find an exact answer to my question. I have bought a few tools including a x13 loupe but the field of vision is much to close to my face than Im happy with. Do I need a few different sized loupes and if so, what sizes do you suggest? X3 x5 x30 etc, for working on my watches? Thanks in advance Sent from my GT-I9195I using Tapatalk
  2. Hi Guys. Im new to this. Found your forum via googling a question. Ive had a read and found this place to be a great friendly community. 35 years ago my cousin lent me a family heirloom, a pair of pocket watches on a double Albert chain to wear on the day of my weddng. They'd been passed down to him from my late grandad. I have never forgotten those watches and the sentimental ties to my past. They weren't working at the time (not sure if they've since been fixed) but recently Ive been thinking what a gift it would be to have the knowhow to be able to repair old watches like the pair I wore all those years ago. Im looking forward to giving it a go. Ive bought a couple of old non runner cheapie watches to start on and a few tools which ive seen suggested on here and youtube. I have a question but I'll ask it in the appropriate forum. Thanks for reading. Dan Sent from my GT-I9195I using Tapatalk
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