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  1. I already taken apart the watch for service, never could find the broken tooth. Must of fallen out while I was taken out the dial.
  2. I do live in the US, just having a hard time trying to find a replacement part. Any good ideas on where I should look?
  3. I have a 1877 Waltham railroad pocket watch sz 18, the watch runs for maybe about 4-5 hours but then stops, so I took it apart and I notice one of the teeth on the ratchet wheel has broken off. Could this be the problem? If so, where can I find a replace part? Everything else inside the watch seems to be ok.
  4. Yes I do, all I need is to find the correct case tube and crown. I want to keep everything original, so it needs to be omega screw on. I'll give it a try and see if I can order from the site. Thank you!
  5. What site is This? Most sites won't sell to an average consumer like me, unless your a business. Is there any way for me to get original crown and tube with out going through a business?
  6. Hello! Im having trouble finding a replacement crown/tube for a omega sea master 396.1051, i know this is old and cannot find a replacement online, maybe im not looking at the right case number? or caliber? If any one can please help me source a good place to get one! thank you! or help me with part numbers!
  7. Sadly I do not have the right tools for this kind of job, but I think replacing the balance would be less difficult for somebody like me who is still beginner at servicing watches, but yes if you have any extra laying around I'll be more the happy to pay you for it.
  8. for some reason the site is not letting me upload pictures, but what i have here is 20906561
  9. I have elgin pocket watch im working on, notice the roller jewel is missing. Where can i psossibly get a completely new balance wheel with the jewel already intact? I am not skilled enough to replace a jewel,I rather just replace the whole balance it self. Also if somebody can please identify this movement as well? - will upload pictures soon
  10. will hands from caliber 1570 movement fit on the older 1560 movement?
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