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  1. Hands rotate one way but not the other

    It's a bit hard to tell. Looks like the adjust wheel looks grimy tried to zoom the picture but it's a bit blurred. What I would do is put the stem back in and check the enguagement to see if it engages smoothly and isnt binding. Check the squared end of the stem to see if the corners haven't been rounded.
  2. Hands rotate one way but not the other

    Here's a video of a simular caliber. But its a 412.
  3. Hands rotate one way but not the other

    Setting lever spring could be weak or caked. That has to be accesse through the dial side. A good cleaning and regreasing would be the best. I had a watch that did the same and the problem was the spring.
  4. Hands rotate one way but not the other

    Could be a problem with the setting lever yolk not engaging properly or out of adjustment or might be jammed. The grease does dry up over time and can cause sticking issues It does require servicing. Prolonged use can cause more damage. The dial has to be removed to do proper service on this movement. Does this have date adjust? You may want to also see if the crown has an adjustment as well.
  5. ff watch parts

    It might be that one if the lines are joined. Most likely that one is it. One sees those logos on a lot of ebauche movements
  6. ff watch parts

    I am wondering if the backwards F could be a J because Japy Freres has a cross over logo that looks like a backwards F then another F behind it. A picture would be nice.
  7. Gruen Geneve. 23 Precision Powerdate

    The numbers between the lugs on my gruen precision watch are 91 35
  8. Broken screw in movement.

    Thought of that as well. But I think this watch was serviced before and somonene may have jimmy rigged a wrong threaded screw in there. I could try to gently pilot it out. Moving slightly clockwise then counter clockwise, for it's the windgear screw that broke. ( spring fully unpowered) other screws came out nicely. This was already broken and noticed the head in the caseback edge before it had a chance to fall out.
  9. I just bought this watch for $2.00 a few days ago from an antique shop. Seen better days. Just slightly serviced the movement. ( no binding of the autowind) This has the 23 jewel 560 RSS an upgrade from the Bidlingmair ( however one spells) ebauche 17 jewel but with autowind. Now as for the year. Could this be a pre 1976 or 70s watch before they went defunct?. I know this company has been pretty turbid since the late 50s. The numbers on the inside are as follows upper 269135. Bottom 251. I think this is a Francois Borgel case with the F.B. and key under the FB. Also underneath are the words Vaccum. The watch has been running for 2 days now. Any idea the year era? Nothing on line seems to match.
  10. Was the Schild company or Otto Schild any relationship to the Legendary Adolf Schild the founder of Eterna. Or was this a total different Schild. It seemed like after Graizly turned over to Schild with Hebdow. It seems like the Schild end paled to insignificance. Too bad not more is written about this Company. Now Hebdomas end of it is totally different.
  11. Installing mainsprings

    The type with the bridle on the end are a bit tougher. Yes and when they're older they can break. Depends on how they were treated. For those and any others use a spring winder. Last resort method. On real high end watches a winder is a must.
  12. Installing mainsprings

    I have to track my spring winder down . It is in a shelved tool cabinet at my moms. I was really carefull when putting this spring in. So as to not kink it or bend it or to scratch the barrel edges I know it's a pain or even unsafe to do it that way. The spring winder I have is an adjustible one for different barrel sizes. It's an old winder.
  13. Seiko SNKL23

    Wristwatch check. My SNKL23. Love the watch. Just need to get a different strap
  14. Screwdriver Sharpening

    What I do is I polish mine and look at them under a loupe when they're on the screw head with good lighing I sometimes mark my screwdrivers. I sometimes have another set. Polish them and mark them for the movement I use them on. Between the 2 sets I adjust them if the tolerances are slightly off. I despise scratched or nicked screws. And I've worked on many watch movements that careless jewelers have serviced before
  15. I wound many phonograph springs in by hand. Today I managed to wind a small ebauches movement watch spring in by hand as well. A bit tough. Only took about 5 minutes but it worked. Just to show the size difference here is a pic.