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  1. Dead on. They made variants as well with full balance bridges. But yes 6606 looks correct. Thank you
  2. The roller jewel on the escape wheel should rest between the banking pins ( no tension). This can be checked with the pallet fork removed and the balance cock reinstalled. And looking between the banking pins make sure the roller jewel on the balance wheel roller table is perfectly between those pins.
  3. Having difficulty in identifying this Seiko watch Caliber in this Jubilee watch. It's a 17 jewel unadjusted movement ( non hack) day date. No info on bottom dial. Info is on the inside of caseback. .0012 on movement and J watch company inscribed on bridge of movement. What year era would this watch be and what Seiko caliber would this be. It has the magic lever wind on it.
  4. Well after doing a full service to this travel clock. I was surprised to find it is a full bridge movement after lifting the dial off. Runs good now.
  5. Here is my Mickey mouse watch. But it has the Baumgartner 134, 1 jewel movement in it. Still works like a charm.
  6. Actually supposedly there is a book published by Roy Ehrhardt that covers these Mickey mouse series by Brady.
  7. Has been going good so far now. Still running very smooth. Taking it apart. I lifted the plates ever so slightly using Rosinol lighter fluid, to clean the pivot holes and a toothpick to clear out the dry varnished oil and kept slightly working it until the top plate came off and lifting it slightly sideways so the pallet fork didn't catch on the bottom balance jewel cock for there is a cutaway so it doesnt catch. Serviced the watch relubed it reassembled and it's been running good for over a few weeks now ( after winding it a few times). It actually keeps decent time.
  8. If you look around the dial end there is a little slot with the edge of the click sticking out.( movement out of case) Turn the stem gently until the click moves a bit slide it to the right and while holding the winding stem let it down slowly. Also it's good to remove the dust ring. Don't let it unwind to fast or you could damage the spring or it comes off the arbor.
  9. The memovox was probably in its prototype phase in the 1950s. They probably wanted to make it more compact they probably used 7 jewels at first to test out the market. It's an alarm clock that probably gets banged around a lot so they left the jewels unadjusted. Keeping it basic simple. Why throw 15 jewels in a type of clock that takes abuse and if it doesn't sell well. So when the look caught the public eye and it sold. Le-coultre possibly refined the movement and made alarm watches with more jewels and better performance. To this day they still use the memovox dial in some of their watches and time pieces.
  10. I still think the movement still has an ingenious design. Using the Stackfreed type system for winding ( 1500s era) before the fusee. This also prevents the escapement from Galloping while winding it to the end.
  11. Someone was asking me this question at the antique mall. I pretty much told him the same that it would be just better to buy. I thought I'd just throw the question out on a forum.
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