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  1. I thought these where the dimensions: L 43.5 mm, H 1.01mm, Thickness .10mm 1.01mm high makes me wonder if a 1.05 would work (note that I have no experience with the 6139 or 6138).
  2. Whats your thinking behind this? As a novice, looking at the dimensions, I would have gone for your original suggestion.
  3. Squale feels like summer.
  4. What size is it? It has aged really well imo!
  5. Welcome to the forum! Plenty of information to take in and friendly people all over this place.
  6. At dusk she sails. (1962 - cal 340)
  7. Nice, the serial number on mine is 7700053 and when I run it to check - it also was made in Jul 67. There are some true vintage gems right before the quartz crisis.
  8. Another Seiko from about the same time as the one above - Skyliner 6220 - 7970. First watch I took apart, keeper that do not get that much wrist-time.
  9. Welcome to the forum! Sounds like you have quite the collection, would love to see some pictures of it!
  10. Reminds me a lot of this recent acquisition, something about the case shape and dial really works for me.
  11. This one makes me want to buy 19mm straps! Sadly I have zero, so this Seiko 5 strap will have to do for now. ETA 2472 (wish it had proper quickset).
  12. This one needs some work, love the dial, clean minimal text. Some dials its like they are writing a novel.
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