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  1. Great job! I saw your double loupes in one photo. I have been tempted to purchase some of my own. How do they compare to the single traditional loupe?
  2. I wish you would market that tool. I need it soo bad.
  3. Thanks, that makes a lot of sense. I will check on that too.
  4. I re cleaned and re greased the mainspring (moebius 8200). I wanted to replace the mainspring but didn't have one handy and it didn't look tired so i used it. The watch is back working fine now. If this happens again, i will have to look into the balance also. The timegrapher is giving me good numbers and lines. Thanks all.
  5. ...and more importantly, that the hooks of the springs are not turned inversely.
  6. I had this problem also. Same symptoms. Turned out i had both springs switched. They are different links and when placed wrong, it wont allow the yoke to fully advance the clutch wheel into the setting wheel (click, click, click). Make sure the longer spring is on 6 o'clock side and short spring is on 12 o'clock side.
  7. The hands weren't catching. I'm going to clean and re lube the mainspring and barrel. I will post results. Thanks ya'll
  8. Omega 1481 serviced and fully wound occasionally stops but will restart only when hand are moved. What gives?
  9. Tightened the canon pinion and now the watch is working perfectly. Thank you all so much!
  10. Loose canon pinion theory is definitely a strong possibility. I will tighten and let you guys know. Thanks so much
  11. FHF 909 in vintage Lucien Piccard is showing average +10 sec per day, beat error 0.5 and 210 amplitude in six postions. Seconds hand is circulating at correct speed. The problem is the minute and hour hands are drastically slow and often stop. This is all after I serviced. Thought it might be binding but the movement never stops or slows.. just the two hands. The watch sets and winds with ease. Not sure what could be causing this. I'm confused...
  12. I have used tweezers but never thought of filing them down. Smart. thanks
  13. That's a good idea. I may just try that. thanks
  14. When servicing Omega 55x, 56x 75x movements does anyone know where or how to obtain the tool to disassemble the reversing wheels (part 1464). I am sometimes successful with tweezers but the tool would be nice. The tool can be seen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSDJuInPZAc
  15. So, great news, and thanks to all the helpful members involved...I fixed it! Turns out, I had to lie down so that I could view the movement in a "dial up" position. I could see the hairspring was erratic and almost stopping at times. I looked for any rubbing of the balance and could find none. Long story short, the hairspring stud wasn't seated deep enough in its holder and was ever so slightly tickling the hairspring as it oscillates. I removed the balance, loosened the hairspring stud, reseated it and tightened the stud screw. Now it's keeping great time in all positions and the timegrapgher shows it. I would never have figured this out without the help of this forum and could never attempt to repair watches without Mark's videos. By the way, the jeweler who overhauled the watch said their warranty didn't transfer to other owners. Bless you guys. Here is a photo prior to my repair...
  16. The watch was fully wound when tested. I bought the watch recently second hand after service was done. And I have the receipt. I noticed it losing time after lying it face up over night. Then I put it on the timegrapher and got these results. The watch hasn't been dropped since service. I removed the cap stone, examined it and found no flaws. I wish I could put it on the sound Mic you're talking about but I will Do what you said and look/listen to the balance in different positions. I will let you know if I find anything. I really appreciate your knowledge in this.
  17. Thanks for the info. The watch got a full service within past 6 months. I don't know if the service included balance adjustment. But what you're saying makes sense
  18. Thanks, I did just that and the pivot was straight/intact and stones were clean and oiled. No changes though.
  19. As you can see, dial up is wacky. I checked the balance cock stones and they we're oiled and sitting proper. And you were right about it not being magnetized as I demagnetized it nothing changed.
  20. Thanks all. In the dial up position, the timegrapher screen looks like snow and the beats sound irregular. No line uniformity whatsoever on the screen. Just curious as to why you think it may be the balance cock jewel and not the dial side balance jewel. Also, with the issue being only in one position, magnetism wouldn't be an issue huh? I'll upload photos soon.
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