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  1. So, I'm embarrassed to say but i noticed a small piece of peg wood in the teeth of the mainspring barrel. Removed it and now the watch doesn't stop in chono mode. I learned a lot from you guys though. Thanks again.
  2. Thank you, i will investigate that chrono runner further. What you said made a lot of sense. I love this forum.
  3. Just to satisfy my curiosity i am thinking of upgrading the mainspring strength but i'm concerned about rebanking. Standard mainspring size for Landeron 248 is 1.35 x 12.0 x 0.14 x 360mm which is what i used in replacement, While maintaining a 1.35 width, if wanted to improve amplitude, what would be too thick causing concern for rebanking? Ofrei offers higher strengths of 0.145mm and 0.16mm.
  4. As for the 188 Amplitude, I don't know why it was so low that day. I did what you said with removing and adding back chrono gears to see where the drop in amplitude was. See photos. The movement still stops in chrono mode and still anywhere by 10min and 90 min of chrono usage. Timegrapher set with 42 degrees lift angle.
  5. Thanks for the input. I questioned that myself so I removed all 5 hands and it didn't help .
  6. Chrono tension spring was decreased, checked, and also removed with no improvement. Adjusted eccentric on coupling clutch to go from 30% tooth depth to 70% with no improvement. No damaged teeth noted and bearings are clean. Clutch wheel also spins with air puff. Thinking of just getting another Landeron 248, servicing it and swapping chrono parts out one by one just to find fault. I appreciate all the help immensely and any new thoughts are greatly appreciated.
  7. Good advice so here's what I did: removed the minute recorder jumper spring - movement stopped. Removed minute recording wheel - movement stopped, disengaged sliding gear - movement stopped, Tonight I removed chrono wheel so I will see tomorrow if it stopped again. Though I doubt it will because as long as chrono function was not in use, movement never stopped. Never applied any lubricant to chrono or minute pivots or chrono tension spring. Minute recording wheel and sliding gear both would spin freely with puff of air prior to removal. Do notice amplitude of 188 at full wind during chrono engagement. Still stumped. Thanks so much for your help though.
  8. Recently serviced a Landeron 248 and I'm getting 40+ hr power reserve. Seeing an lower amplitudes of 250 chrono off and 220 chrono on. New mainspring. I get full, accurate 40+ hrs when chrono is not activated and between 15min and 2hrs when chrono is activated before movement stops. Resetting or stopping chrono allows balance to start back up again. Every time the movement stops, the chrono seconds hand is at 12. Seems just not enough power to keep advancing the minute recording wheel. I still feel this new mainspring is the culprit - not giving enough power. What do you think?
  9. Great job! I saw your double loupes in one photo. I have been tempted to purchase some of my own. How do they compare to the single traditional loupe?
  10. I wish you would market that tool. I need it soo bad.
  11. Thanks, that makes a lot of sense. I will check on that too.
  12. I re cleaned and re greased the mainspring (moebius 8200). I wanted to replace the mainspring but didn't have one handy and it didn't look tired so i used it. The watch is back working fine now. If this happens again, i will have to look into the balance also. The timegrapher is giving me good numbers and lines. Thanks all.
  13. ...and more importantly, that the hooks of the springs are not turned inversely.
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