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  1. After winding it as much as possible, I placed it back on the timegrapher. Amplitude starts higher (268, 270), but then drops down to the 250's after a few minutes. Then it drops down to the 240's .
  2. I finally got around to opening it up. It is the "C" version. I cleaned it up with a blower (didn't see any hair or particles), regulated it again, checked it on my timegrapher. It seems to continue to be slowing down, but not by as much as before.
  3. Hi Nick, You are not alone. I have owned 3 watches with this movement and had the same negative experience. Seriously considering tossing the movement of my SKX007J and replacing it with a quartz movement. My SKX007J has the stainless steel endmill band. Looks awesome but is the most unreliable watch I have ever owned. No idea why there are so many SKX007 fans out there. Ironically, I also own a Seiko Prospex solar powered diver and it too is unreliable; it runs fast by +20 seconds per month on average! Same with my other solar powered Seikos. Only accurate Seiko I own is an old quartz chrono; runs only +2 seconds fast per month. I still haven't had the time to re-open my SKX007J and search for any tiny debris. Will probably get to it this weekend. Won't be getting my hopes up too high as this watch has been nothing but a disappointment since new.
  4. I haven't had the chance to open it up (waiting on rubber gasket for the case back I ordered), but for some miraculous reason it returned to -2.7 seconds per day! I'm guessing there must have been some tiny particle obstructing the HS as many of you suggested. As soon as the gaskets and grease I ordered arrive I will open it up and give it a thorough cleaning. Thanks again everyone!!
  5. Thanks!! I'll open it up and check it tomorrow. If it is the "B" version, would it be a matter of simply changing out the balance, or would it require a new HS as well?
  6. Definitely the 7S26 version, not sure about the "C" release though. What does the "B" version look like?
  7. Thanks! I have a rubber blower I use to clean sensors on my dslr cameras. Hopefully it will do the trick. Worst case scenario, what else should I check in case cleaning/demagnetizing doesn't fix the issue?
  8. I bought it new around a year and a half ago. I'll check for dirt, hair, etc. However, as far as I know, I was the first/only person to have opened it since it was new. Thanks!
  9. My Seiko skx007J was running a bit slow when new (around -10 seconds per day), so I regulated it, got it to +1 second per day. Several weeks later it started running slower to -10 seconds per day. I rarely use this watch. I wind it every night (gently shaking it 300 times) and place it face up on a flat surface. So, I regulated it again (using my timegraph) to +3 seconds per day. Ran well for about a week, but then started running slow again. It now runs -20 seconds per day; not magnetized, no impact (same as always, I don't use it, I wind it every night and set it face up on a dresser). Any suggestions (other than scrapping the movement and replacing it with another)?
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