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  1. wolfwatchwerks

    Waltham pocket watch.

    Where on earth did you pick that up for 10 bucks?!?!?!?!? Do they have any more? I'll take 2..!! Nice grab..!
  2. wolfwatchwerks


    Quite a few Timex, the square one at the bottom right (top left in the above photo)is of course a Hamilton. Same photo second row, the two with the bands are a Gruen and beside it is a Bulova. Second row from the bottom,(bottom photo) in the center is a Waltham 17 jewel incabloc datejust, top left second one in is a Lucien Piccard little blurry but seems to read 17 jewel, antimagnetic? automatic/isochronism? it has date as well. This one (LP) would, for sure, be my "happy find"! All 5 very collectible and fairly well sought after names in watchmaking. Nice!
  3. wolfwatchwerks

    How do you get this watch out of its case

    Yes, it looks as though you would loosen the visible screw, the dial would prevent it from being removed completely and thus losing the spring. Loosening up the keyless works enough to remove the stem. remove the movement and everything else would be as normal. This is merely my best educated guess from what I see and from a common sense point of view. -Just enough and wiggling- doesn't "seem" correct. However, any port in a storm I suppose.
  4. wolfwatchwerks

    How do you get this watch out of its case

    If it were me I would loosen the visible screw while slightly prying up on the setting lever to start with. That screw is visible for a very simple reason.
  5. wolfwatchwerks

    Seiko 7t32-6m20 stops frequently

    Hi, I have one of these, mine is a sub model -6L09- if at all possible it may need to be serviced. I know it sounds strange, service a quartz?!?!? it could possibly need an oiling after such a long time. I have been through the gambit on mine. It is possible that some of the magnets (stepper gears) are old and worn out. (is there anything magnetic near where you store your watch?) The circuit block is defective,(growing tin whiskers) there may be a build up of some rust in areas like the levers and pushers. The quartz crystal canister could be faulty. Make sure when shorting the AC (All Clear) both crowns are pulled out all the way. After shorting the AC also short the battery + to the circuit block clamp (the plate that holds the circuit block down) for good measure. Install case back, return crowns to running position, reset chronograph function. (main crown pulled out all the way) then test. Failing those things replace the movement. You are actually lucky there are some 7T32B movements for sale right now on ebay brand new, old stock. Just a tad over $100 bucks US. Very challenging model to maintain on your own, but it can be done. Good luck. Keep us posted.
  6. wolfwatchwerks

    Changing HD MacBook Pro

    Went through all of this upgrading to a 1TB hdd for my MBP a couple of years ago. I used cloning software and cloned my drive to an external then swapped them out. Then upgraded osx using a disk image downloaded from the net. Lots of good how to's out there. But yeah if you have a blank drive then you need an osx dmg on a thumb drive, command option at start up, choose usb with dmg file, boot, install to blank drive when prompted. Something like that. I know this thread is old but hey y'all need to know I got some chops too! LOL...
  7. wolfwatchwerks

    Sheared Screw on AS 1200

    Alum bath. Don't go digging around and drilling stuff unless you're sure of yourself. Alum is used to dissolve the steel screw without damaging the brass plate or threads. Crown wheel screw is obviously vital. I hazard to say a very large lesson has been learned here. Depending on the movement, it may be impossible to find, or easy. Sometimes a scrap movement of the same caliber can yield the parts you need. Sometimes we create scrap movements that we get rid of to others to use for parts. (A-hem) If you're a pro you can make your own parts. It all depends on what you have and how rare or common it is. Good luck, hope you can get it worked out.
  8. wolfwatchwerks

    Dad's or Grandpa's Cortebert?

    Yeah I was thinking late 50s early 60s though. At any rate much later than the 30s or 40s thats just an edu-ma-cated guess though. Very nice little watch though, from a great company! Sweet find.
  9. wolfwatchwerks

    Seiko 5 automatic sticking

    Yeah, is that a 6309,7S26? probably needs a good clean and oil.When you set it set with long hand movement. Once the day rolls over use quickset. Should be good after that.
  10. Your price range should be able to net you a decent Omega bumper, Glashutte, Longines, Hamilton, Seiko. I think the biggest problem you will encounter is stopping at just one.
  11. wolfwatchwerks

    Watch lume handling time.

    Hey, how long do I have to work with watch lume before it starts to set? 10 min, an hour? Thickness/thinness of mix an issue? Brand? Considering some product from watch lume dot com. other suggestions? Is there already a thread about this on here? Thanks yo...!
  12. wolfwatchwerks

    Loose sub-dial hands Seiko 7A38

    ....you could try some type of hole closing tool. Also a quick non intrusive fix: get a loupe, stretch a thin layer of rodico over the hole with your tweezers. (you will not be able to see the rodico with the naked eye) place over the pivot and seat. This will hold the hand on and work as a temporary fix until more permanent repairs can be made.
  13. I had a similar problem with an omega 39.5L. Balance was bent a little bit. Returned it back to normal and all was fine. The bridge on those (omega) is very thin. Check that it's not bent. Then possibly the staff is bad/worn. Incorrect jewel seating. Remove the balance and place it on a flat true surface with reg. removed, (not sure but may have to remove the jewel anyways if it protrudes above the cock) and check for gaps. If you can see any amount of a gap at all this is incorrect. If it looks good there are other problems already addressed in previous comments.
  14. wolfwatchwerks

    Making a Hampden Balance Staff

    Pretty sexy buddy...!! thats one sweet box of collets! LOL..! (Wolf whistle)
  15. wolfwatchwerks

    Special Tool for Longines Regulators? Baguette.

    Where is the hole located top, center or bottom of the stud? I don't believe there would be a special tool for this. Is there a "foot" on the bottom of the large pin? I am assuming there is. Using a balance tack grip the bottom of the pin at the foot with your tweezers and turn. Then loosen the stud with the balance resting on the bench. I am sure at the factory they do have a specialized tool for ease and speed of assembly. A home made tool could be easily enough to produce from the sounds of it, if one thought it necessary. A sewing pin perhaps. You would need only get the tip into the hole and twist gently to rotate this little pin. Yes brass would not be strong enough to break the grip. Steel rivet pressed into the brass curb boot. Not 100% but this is what I am gleaning from your description. Does this sound about right or am I way off in left field? Hopefully this helps you out for future projects. Tweezers are the watch technicians samurai sword. Also, please remove the opticians pliers from your work bench. LOL..!!