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  1. I would just like to share my situation regarding 7s26 movement. For more than 10 years I've got a SKX007J, with eng/arabic day wheel and a 7s26B movement. Perfect watch, but with one big disadvantage : the movement accuracy. Yes, more or less it was still running within specifications (-20 to +40s/day) but I would expect at least better consistency. I expect that during normal wear in the office (with no stress) the watch would every day advance/loose for more or less same ammount. But my watch at first run one or two days 30s fast, then the next day was all of a sudden 20s slow , etc. Upon regulation it was ok for a limited time but then it started to gain / loose again. Last year I disassembled, cleaned and oiled the movement. I tried to tune also the etachron regulator pins, but no luck - here I must admit I don't have much experience with Etachron tuning, so I already asked Mark for a video tutorial how to do it... Two days ago I mounted a new 7s26A balance complete into my movement - I needed also 7s26A balance bridge, which I took from a scrape movement. It's been only two days, but now the watch seems to be working perfect, with minimum differences. Will see in the next days, how it performs...
  2. Hello, thanks for both answers. I have already tried using another balance cock jewel with another jewel spring but the problem remains the same. If I press on the jewel, the balance wheel stops, so I suppose it should be ok. I still need to inspect the hairspring rubbing, but in my opinion I would already see this anomaly on the timegrapher as "wired " lines? In my case both timegrapher lines remain perfect (without "snow") and with minimum or no beat error...
  3. Hello, I'm trying to service a non working 7s26C movement. I have dissasembled, cleaned and oiled it. I have also changed the complete balance. The old one was damaged beyond repair, so I purchased a non oroginal replacement from ebay. The movement runs ok in "face down position", with amplitude about 270 and daily rate arround 0 sec/day. When I turn the movement in the "face up" position, the daily rate drastically increases (about +80 sec/ day) but the amplitude drops to about 190 degrees. When I move the watch bacj to face down, the thongs get normal anaing. I have mounted the same balance & bridge into another 7s26, but the behaviour is the same. What might be wrong to cause such behaviour? Is it possible, that I didn't properly tuned the hairspring with etachron regulator studs? thanks Andrej
  4. For the date change you first advance the time over midnight. To acheive the quickset you should alternate the hour hand forwards (between 1 and 3) and backwards (between 11 and 9 o clock)...
  5. I did search the ebay, but didn't find 7s26 small diashock springs sold separately... Thanks Andrej
  6. Hello, I would need some 7s26 parts: - a diashock spring for barrel and train wheel bridge and if possible also a spare jewel (both are smaller than the ones on balance cock) - plastic day/date corrector setting wheel (737 300) I'm wondering if you have any for sale... Thanks Andrej
  7. Thanks for all answers, I have found the issue The problem was, that I have put some Tesa adhesive tape on the one microphone's plastic part. I did this to avoid scratching the watch - without the protection tape I could see (with loupe) the small marks on watch case. Without the protection tape it works ok Instead of the tape I can put a piece of paper or even a paper sticker (as on the photo) between the watch and microphone.
  8. Hello, thanks for the answers. I've got a Timegrapher No. 1000, about 8 years old. It seems, that there are at least 2 versions of the No. 1000 model. The difference can be seen, when you switch on the display: 1st version shows the daily rate only on the top of the screen. 2nd version shows the daily rate also on the main screen in 4 different horizontal display sections. I have also noticed that there are 2 types of microphone stands. One stands is more rectangular, while the other is more circular. If you look at the back, there are two versions of Frequency calibration connector. One has a female BNC connector while the other has a usb square connector. I've got the first version with a BNC connector and a rectangular microphone stand. Unfortunatly my version has not the ability to adjust the microphone gain. The up/down buttons change only the contrast (both in capture mode and while stopped)... Andrej
  9. Hello, I'm wondering what is your experience with a 7s26 watch, when you put it on the timegrapher ? Does the ticking sound have enough volume, to be picked up by the microphone ? I'm using a standard Chinese timegrapher. When I put the whole watch on the microphone (for eg. my SKX007 or my colleagues seiko 5), the microphone has difficulties to pick up the ticking sound. If I put on only the movement without the case, there are no problems. So I'm wondering where could be the problem: The spacer between the case and the movement is plastic, which "isolates or weakens the sound flow" to the case ? As the crown is located at 4 and the case is not symetric. The problem might occur because the edge of the case is not symetrically pressed to the microphone ? I don't have issues with other "low volume ticking" watches or with bare movements without the case. So I hope my microphone works ok. Thanks Andrej
  10. I have washed the wheel in Zippo fluid. Then I oiled it a little between gears with 9010. It seems to be ok. Thanks Andrej
  11. I have checked and unfortunatly I don't see any groove
  12. Hi, thanks for the answer. I know that it can't be taken apart. That is why I'm concerned that with cleaning I will also "wash away" the lubricant. I will search for the groove ...
  13. Hello, I have disassembled the Poljot 2209 movement. I would would need your advice, if it is ok to wash also the "double gear" and how to oil it later... Thanks Andrej
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