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    1. Nucejoe


      I don't know about this, best let oldhippy see and tell us.

      His knowledge of clocks is amazing. 

      He is sure to respond to your question. 




  2. Vintage one day wind clock running fast, could there be a gear missing on plate with black pen marks.


  3. Hi, been doing the spring adjustment for speed and balance but still running much to fast.not happy
  4. Ok thank you,how do you stop the pin touching coil without it going out of beat.
  5. How do you get the regulator arm back up then please,if pushed down,
  6. Hi, I have just looked and think it is 3 inches wide.using a tape measure,,
  7. Hi,hope someone can help me please.have a old vintage air spring one day wind up clock and cannot time it, the adjustment on the air spring is not doing anything,and the clock just running away and time is not any issues on the hands,how can you resolve this problem.been trying to adjust spring but beat goes out and stops.
  8. I have had this Junghans watch for some time and now in need of a service before I go ahead can I ask the watch always has run lovley but now it is losing some hours a day,can I ask why the watch is still running but the hands run slow or stop even that the air Spring is going fine hand second hand also goes round fine,can I ask what could be the fault to look for before I strip it down.hope some one can help me thank you.
  9. Hi,hope you can help me please,got a seiko Quartz SQ100 watch.but the time goes for 5 minuets and then stops moving with the ticking hand still runs ok,but time has stopped till I reset it and some times runs again for 5 miniute.can any one help thank you Christopher.
  10. Hi,I have got a original Stuhrling Skeleton watch and got a problem with the hands they keep spinning,to it unwinds,think the leavers and horn is missing on one side,but see it is not broken,is it an easy fix can any one advice me please thank you.
  11. I have a watch what needs a new or a repair on the pusher,can any one help me on this repair as it keeps falling out,tha Spring is in the pusher,I would be greatfull,thank you very much.
  12. I got a watch what needs a new watch pusher for checking for battery life in the watch installed new compacitor but not yet done the pusher as now the pusher keeps falling out with the spring in the pusher,can any one help me on this thank you to repair/replace it.
  13. I got a tag heuer watch Formula one watch what was working fine then stopped so replaced the battery but still not working but the alarm part is now working.do you need to do anything to restart the watch or can anyone help me on this matter or know what could be wrong with the watch,thank you if anyone can help.
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