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  1. Thanks for the tip, I will check out Mark's video.
  2. Hello Mike, Like you I have not quite figured out this site, my navigation skills need to improve. Hey some food for thought, my father is about to have his 91st birthday. I am continuously in awe when I look at his life. He is still independent and takes care of himself. I am 64 and I have to tell you he is my inspiration. When I think about trying to accomplish something, I have learned from him to never think that I don't have enough time. I am a rookie when it comes to watch repair, but I have a passion that is burning inside and I want to accomplish this. I can not call myself a w
  3. Sorry, I have been away, I thought the same about a loose or intermittent battery connection. I've made sure the contacts are solid. I did clear/clean a small amount of battery corrosion. I have the correct size fresh battery in it. The watch is keeping perfect time as long as it is face down. I will try and check out the stepping motor. The watch might have to be disassembled to find the problem. I thought about using a demagnetizer to exercise the wheel/motor train. I do not know if that is a good idea. I certainly do not want to amplify the problem. Any other suggestions are appre
  4. My LeCoultre has a similar problem as previously described but this watch Known as the Master Quartz runs perfectly face down but stops after a few minutes face up. Also when you pull/push the crown, this will start the watch but again only runs up to 5 minutes then stops. What is the best course of action to repair this watch? I am very weary to work on this watch because it is an expensive watch. vrfr
  5. Hello, I am Robert I am new and this is the first time I have browsed this website. I collect all types of watches and own many, unfortunately, most of my collection would be considered junk watches. These watches do not have much use, but for some reason, I like having them around. I am a novice repairman and plan to take the courses offered on this site. I have a strong wish to increase my knowledge about watches. I can't explain it, but my desire to learn more has increased over time. It is sad that horology is a declining field. Today's electronics have made an impact on this industr
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