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  1. HI I have a Seiko ladies mechanical watch with a press on back, my problem is the case back will not budge. I have tried all three of my case knives with out any luck. My question is does any one have any tricks for removing case backs? Maybe a sledge hammer or Oxy propane cutting torch! I have both. Thanks in advance for any ideas. Kevin
  2. Hi Every site I look at people seem to rant on about Nato straps. I cant see the attraction of them. I now its each unto his own, but For me I cant see how they complement a nice watch. I suppose I should buy one and try it. Any one got any views on this subject?
  3. The home printer I have cost me just a little over £200, and for me was a dipping the toe in the water job. For what I use it for its fantastic, I use it to make patterns for sand casting small lumps of traction engines. My maximum print size is around 5"x5"x6" inch, for what I do its perfect. If I need a larger pattern I can print in a few sections and super glue them together. It saves me a fortune in pattern makers fee's. For very small watch parts it simply does not have the resolution to do the job. What it is great for is printing small jigs for holding watch parts whilst polishing (found that out the weekend). Or making holders for watch movements. Its single largest advantage is if I want a holder or what ever it may be at 3pm on a Sunday afternoon. I can draw the bit I want then set the printer going while I drink a cup of tea or simply fall asleep (again found that out the weekend). I now also have so many parts trays that I dont know what to do with them. My wife has signs for the stable doors of her horses so she cant forget the horses names. Plus my motorcycles GPS system has a custom sunshade it didnt know it needed. An on going project is a weight driven watch winder, a superb design that eliminates winding my automatic Seikos. All I have to do is wind up my watch winder! Any way happy new year to yo all.
  4. Kevin

    Case Holding Jaws

    HI Do you know any one with a 3d printer? have printed a few sets of these and just cut them about to fit the case im trying to hold. Ignore the black marks, I made these dirty so the image would have some depth to it. Kevin
  5. Hi First off happy new year. Does any one else use a 3d printer for making odd tools and movement holders? I have printed holders for several movements, two case back knives, multiple parts trays and all manner of tool storage solutions. But the most useful has to be a watch back wrench for a Seiko divers. I printed it with six square pins that fitted the back perfectly, took the very tight back of with ease. I now don't use the metal 3 point wrench. The case knives printed in PLA work very well if only lasting for a few uses but with no risk of scratching the watch back. My thinking is, would it be worth making the Gcode files available on this forum? Kevin
  6. Kevin


    Most of the big oil producers/blenders still make steam cylinder oil. You want the oil to be easily carried over with the steam. Steam oil comes in three weights (Common weights) 400, 600, and 1000. The 400 is good with lower pressure engines (150psi boiler) the 600 works well in engines with boiler pressures around the 200psi. The 1000 is regarded as being an oil for super heated steam. That said I use the 1000 in my wet steam 200psi engine. Have a look at the Stanley steam cars, will open any ones eyes as to how well steam can be used. Merry christmas.
  7. Kevin


    I have to say the oil side of watch repair makes me smile. Back in November put in an order for a 55 gallon drum of 1000 weight steam oil for my traction engine. I buy about one drum a year and it lasts well. Two weeks ago I ordered most of the oils I thought I would need for watch repair, the total quantity came to about 14ml of oil. I paid a third of the cost of my 55gallons on the watch oils. After the panic had subsided I realised that the 14ml of oil would probably last me most of the rest of my life. Seemed a cheap hobby after that! Merry Christmas to you all!
  8. Kevin

    Titanium Seiko case muxk.

    Thank you chaps. I resorted to the high pressure airline, and a seventh run in the ultrasonic bath. Water is now staying clean. Kevin
  9. Hi I bought a non working Seiko with a titanium case and bracelet. It has to rank as one of the dirtiest watches i have ever seen every link was encrusted and almost not moving. After removing the non working movement I placed the case and bracelet in the ultrasonic cleaner with a mild cleaning solution. With in a few seconds the water had turned jet black and very oily. I changed the solution a further three times and kept getting much the same result, black water. The case and bracelet are clean to the eye now but the solution in the cleaner is still turning black. My question is am I missing something, is there a reason the water is turning black as I cant see there being enough dirt on the case or bracelet to cause this. The cleaning solution I use is a mild no salt detergent designed to clean delicate metal parts. This is not a huge problem as the watch is looking great, im just a bit baffled. Many thanks Kevin
  10. Kevin

    My collection

    HI, both Quartz.
  11. Kevin

    My collection

    HI Thought I should show my collection. No real theme just watches I like.
  12. Just a quick hello. Pretty new to all this but have had an interest i watches for many years. Along with Steam engines and motor cycles. Kevin.