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My watch collection here: Mostly Russians, and a few Japanese and Swiss.

I live in Stockholm Sweden with my wife Marilyn and my children Nathalie 14 and Kenneth 11. When I don’t devote my time to family and work I spend my time repairing and enjoying watches. For me, Russian watch movements such as Vostok, Poljot, and Raketa have been a fantastic way in to watch repair. Their affordability seems unbeatable; a lost or damaged watch part never spells financial disaster and can most often be replaced for a couple of dollars. There's nothing I enjoy more than working on and wearing watches and I often wish it would have been my career path.

I have worked as an IT manager for a total of 16 years, as a consultant/system developer for a total of six years and as a teacher at Academy for about four years. (If you know Swedish you can see and hear me speak here. In the video I'm wearing a blue Cornavin Dolphin housing a Poljot Cal. 2614.2H) I love programming in C #/.NET and SQL, as well as communication and pedagogy and so working as a teacher at Academy, has been the most rewarding time of my career, not least thanks to incredibly thoughtful, knowledgeable and inspiring colleagues and consultants on the various Academy programs.

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