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  1. VWatchie

    Hi from Sweden!

    Välkommen Robert!
  2. Interesting development of this thread! From my watch collection to repairing quartz watches! Anyway, I don't mind one bit, as long as it is Russian!
  3. VWatchie

    Hello from London, England

    Welcome, Mark! Here you'll find a very friendly and helpful community and large quantities of very useful information! Enjoy!
  4. VWatchie

    Watch crystal cracks

    I use this method with my plastic crystals with fantastic results! I've never shared the experience of it cracking. I think you were likely just "unlucky" with this one.
  5. I know this thread is about cleaning solutions, but I'd just like to chip in that in my (limited) experience mechanical cleaning is an absolute must as a complement to reach a clinical state. To this end, my fibreglass scratch brush is my most valued tool. I'm always amazed by how effective, still gentle, it is, for example removing rust, hard to remove dirt, and corrosion from wheel pinions, arbors, teeth, and pivots. After my US cleaning (chemically pure gasoline, isopropanyl, etc.) I'm often surprised to see how unclean certain parts are through my stereo microscope, especially the train wheels.
  6. Oops! I probably haven't seen the 2010 version. It was more likely the 2005. I didn't take much notice as it didn't really appeal to me. Anyway, if I see it I promise to let you know! Yeah, imagine, going to the motherland to visit the factory in Chistopol! My wife certainly wouldn't want to follow along, so we'd probably have an amazing time (pun intended!).
  7. I haven't followed this thread in detail but in my experience isopropanol dissolves the shellac pretty quickly. I've ruined a few pallet forks that way forgetting to pick'em up quickly enough from my final rinse. BTW, is the correct terminology "shellac" or "resin"? I believe Mark Lovick uses the term resin.
  8. If Vostok accepts you, take me along! I've heard somewhere they're very reluctant to accept visitors. As I understand it, Dmitry who runs meranom.com is closely connected to the factory, so maybe if you can win his trust. Also, Dmitry speaks English unlike most Russians (I believe). I know I've seen that "the end of WW2" commemorating dial on eBay a few times in the past but it never really connected to me. I'll let you know if I see it somewhere again.
  9. @HSL Ja inga problem, tack! My idea of selling on eBay came from this; I was considering buying a black new or used STOWA Marine, but felt it was a bit expensive. So I got myself a NOS pocket watch housing a genuine Unitas 6498 (approx. $100), sourced a really nice case very similar to STOWA's (approx $50), a high-quality black Marine enamel dial complete with hands from Germany (approx. $50), and finally a polished Milanaise mesh bracelet (approx $25). So in total approx $225. Having serviced, demagnetized, and regulated the movement meticulously I put the parts together and the end result surpassed my expectations. In my eyes, it looked stunningly good. So, this made me think, a brand new STOWA would have cost me approx $1600. Of course, it would have had the brand name, a decorated movement and flame-blued steel hands, but other than that, I had basically saved myself roughly $1375 by putting together my own Marine watch. The million dollar question is; had I put my black Marine up for auction on eBay, let's say with a starting bid of $449 (of course marketing with some great pictures and explaining about movement and the service - using only the highest quality Moebius Swiss oils in exact accordance with the service schema -, the demagnetizing, and the regulating, and so on), would anyone bid on it, and what would the winning bid be? There are options looking just as good (I'd guess) from China costing a $100, so I guess the market (people into quality and a bit of knowledge) for my Marine watch (and similar projects) is pretty limited. Perhaps too limited!? The idea isn't to try to make a living out of this, but simply try to make some extra money to add to my future pension.
  10. If I live to retire and will be in good health (you never know) my plan is to dedicate a lot of time to this wonderful hobby and perhaps even be able to make some extra money doing it. I really don't know if there's any money to be made by building quality watches and try to market them and sell them on eBay, but I'm going to give it a try. Perhaps branding is more important than I imagine, but I'll see. Also, I've been asked by several people to "have a look" at their old mechanical and automatic watches, but so far I've denied it, having too little time even for my own projects.
  11. That dial is definitely one of Vostok's "coolest"! I need one of those in my life, just waiting for the right one to come by... Someone once said: "I'm afraid one day I will die and my wife will sell my watches for what I told her I paid for them."
  12. Looks legit to me (but don't take my word for it) and in fantastic condition. If you can get for $25 (starting bid?) and the shipping is reasonable, then yes it's a steal!
  13. Got in touch with a representative for Carl Zeiss in Sweden to ask for the current price of Lawson's setup. Approx. USD $2000 excluding tax Hmm... think I will go with the Chinese "cheapo solution" when/if I want to try this out.
  14. Happy with your solution? I'm (more than) tempted to give it a try. Working distance is specified to 340mm. Did you measure 370 mm or just a typo? Thanks!
  15. Oh sorry joe, my reading of your message was sloppy! I somehow thought you were asking about the diameter of the 2824-2 movement. Let me find a dial that I want to use and get back to you! Thanks!