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  1. The train spins after a few clicks but stops abruptly. The escape doesn’t reverse. Does this mean something is dragging?
  2. Disregard my last post. Of course, the pallet wan't in yet.
  3. I got the motion and key less together. However, in the hand setting position, the cannon pinion is not slipping. Turning the crown causes the train of wheels to move. Is the pinion too tight? I didn't alter it. Or, have I done something else wrong? Thank you Charlie
  4. Not yet. Someone suggested I try it as is first since the risk of damaging the HS is high for this beginner.
  5. When I give the escape wheel a full puff from the rubber blower, the train will spin only for the duration of the puff. It then stops. Is that normal?
  6. In testing the train of wheels, it appears that the 4th? wheel (seconds hand) is dragging. The train spins more freely without it. The jewel looks ok. I don't have the experience to judge the pivot. Should I order another? Thank you
  7. I’m away from home and won’t return until Tuesday. I’ve but most of it back together but not the balance. I’ll report back hopefully on Wed. thank you Charlie
  8. Solid advice. The low risk of damage approach. Thank you
  9. I bought it as non running. The balance does swing freely with a puff of air. Should I continue rebuilding and see how it runs? Or, is it obvious to the trained eye that it will be far off. Ive not tried to remove and repin a stud. I can’t find a video on it. Does anyone know of one? I can think I can see how moving the pin further down would make it more concentric.
  10. Not surprisingly, I ruined the hairspring on the first replacement. This is the second. They were both shaped the same.
  11. Do I make a bend outward at that spot? Thank you
  12. Oh boy:( Where do I make these manipulations? Can you point to the spots. Thank you
  13. I don't think I'm capable of bending the hairspring. Past attempts have left the HS useless. Here it is without the wheel. The holes are aligned (bit of parallax error). What do I need to do? Thank you
  14. Hi All I'm a beginner and this is the first time I've ordered a balance wheel. It's an FHF 28. I'm in the US and order from J Borel. When installed the hairspring is not concentric. I also had to rotate the hairspring collet. Not sure whether that is to be expected. Is this the wrong part? What part do I need? Thank you Charlie The movement My order. Installed
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