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  1. Hi All I'm learning and have not yet tried oiling pallet stones or escape wheel teeth. I've read that Mark shows this in a video but I can't find it. Can someone point it out? Thank you Charlie
  2. Bergeon pin vices arrived today and worked a treat for the job. Again, shows the value of this fine forum. Thank you Charlie
  3. Thanks. I bit the bullet and order a set of 4 Bergeon. Costly, but I need all the help I can get.
  4. Thank you. Looks like they're sold outside the US where I am. I see these available here. I have no idea what I need?? Horotec 4 vices: "Each vise has two steel chucks. Pin vises open up to: 0-1.8mm, 0-2.8mm, 0-3.5mm and 0-5mm." for $50 Bergeon 4 vices "Each vise has two steel chucks; openings range from 0 to 5mm". for $90 Or, they can be bought individually if I were to know the most common sizes used. Thank you for any suggestions.
  5. I don't have a pin vice but that's been on the list. Do you recommend a brand and size? I work on men's wind up and automatics from the 60-70's. Thank you
  6. I appreciate all the helpful tips I've received from members. Without them, I likely would have made little progress in learning repair as a hobby. Now that I've got the mainspring in the barrel, I'm having trouble getting the arbor into the spring. I've tried placing it over the inner spring loop, pressing down with tweezers and working a screwdriver around the loop to pry it away from the arbor allowing the arbor to slide in. Unsuccessful so far. My question is how much can I pry before I deform the spring? I've not attempted this before. Thank you Charlie
  7. That did it. Though, I made a slight mod to the procedure. I placed the donut over the barrel and secured both to the bench by running strips of strong packing tape of the edges of the donut.
  8. Hi All If you've read my other posts you know I'm failing miserably with mainsprings. Most of the issue is not having a winder (I'm looking). I'm trying to push the spring from the donut directly into the barrel. The first time I did this it went effortlessly. I've since had trouble. This is a Seiko 6119A automatic. I've previously failed by attempting even insertion pressure across the spring. The bridle hung up and then the spring went airborne. I can't hand wind it. I've learned from members that the outermost wind needs to go in first. My question is what to use to push it in. I've tried peg wood on another but that results in wood debris. I've tried a screwdriver but I'm afraid to damage it. Any suggestions? Is this even doable or is a winder needed? Thank you Charlie
  9. It's not budging at all with the peg wood. Though, I'm leaving plenty of wood chips. Is my only option to pull it out and try hand winding?
  10. Thank you. That was an automatic and I bent the bridle trying to hand wind it.
  11. Hi All I'm a beginner and this is only my second attempt at pushing a new mainspring from it's shipping former into the barrel. The last attempt went airborne. This is a Bulova 11BLL manual wind. I've partially pushed the spring into the barrel but it's not fully in and I'm reluctant to fiddle with it any more without guidance. Note on the pics that the outermost coil is not fully in. I've tried the blunt end of the tweezers to no avail. Any suggestions? I don't have a winder. Thank you Charlie
  12. How do you keep from permanently bending the bridle on an automatic??
  13. Hi All I've made reasonably good progress at learning this as a hobby thanks to lots of help from forum members. I'm outright failing on mainsprings though. My $28 Seiko 6119A MS replacement went airborne when I didn't push it into the barrel correctly. I bought a new one for the seiko and others because I don't have a winder. I've long given up trying to hand winding automatics. I picked up an old winder set on ebay. But, most of the hooks are broken off making it useless. The Bergeon winders are priced for professionals. What do most hobbyist use? Any advice is welcome! Charlie
  14. Lc130

    Timex on timegrapher?

    Pin pallet
  15. Lc130

    Timex on timegrapher?

    Thank you John for taking the time. The Timex is keep great time after a clean and lube. It appears to be one minute off after 30 hours. Charlie