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  1. I use Chris Radek in Nebraska. He does good work at a reasonable price https://timeguy.com/cradek/#4
  2. The arbor is part of the lid. No amount of fiddling and prodding the spring does any good. Thanks Charlie
  3. That's great! Thanks much! I see, the foil appears to be a friction-adding device. Thanks too for the service sheets.
  4. Hi All I'm still a beginner. See the red circled part below the link. The parts sheet calls this "Foil for coupling pinion". The wheel is the "coupling wheel" The mainspring popped as I lifted the plate and I was unable to see how the foil is to be positioned. Any ideas? Parts 2572 "spring for date correction" and 2539 "guide lever for date correction" are missing. Those are shown on a diagram in this 2018 thread. BTW, I'd love to get all those sheets if anyone has them. Would variants of this movement be made without those parts? Thanks! Charlie
  5. Got it after a about an hour of fiddling. Required pressure on top and twisting to get it seated. Think I should get an Apple watch and be done with it:)
  6. It doesn't fall into place but I was able to push it into place. I tried with said wheel and there's not enough play to move it around. No hole on the other side to stick something through either. I did find a video in some simply move the wheel s bit sand it catches. Here at time 34. It's not working for me.
  7. No hole. You're right that it's sitting on the jumper. I tried rotating the day indicator clockwise by hand trying to get the jumper to fall into position. That didn't work.
  8. That's a recessed guide pin. I guess you mean the red day jumper. I do see that it should impact the day indicator. How do you get it into position? It needs to be pulled back to take the day indicator. But how? The blue jumper spring appears to be in position as the flange at the end of it sits in a hole. It doesn't appear to be adjustable.
  9. Hi All I'm a beginner and this is an ETA 2789. The day wheel looks to be hung up on the day corrector (star looking thing). It appears to set correctly but also looks to rub against the dial when installed. What am I doing wrong? BTW, the not centered day indicator guard around the hour wheel is centered in the other pic. Thank you Charlie
  10. Hi All I'm a beginner and this is an ETA 2789. How do I install the day wheel so that it meshes with the day corrector (star looking thing). I've fiddled with it but it's never centered. Thank you and happy new year, Charlie
  11. Thank you. Why this part and not a separate cannon pinion?
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