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  1. Got it! Yes sorry for not adding the link. Looking up Caravelle didn't occur to me. In fact, it is a Caravelle but I thought there wouldn't be separate parts for a brand within a brand. Thank you for the help!
  2. Hi All The stone has come out of the fork on a Bulova 11DP which Ranfft tells me is also a Citizen 241. In fact, my bridge says 11DP and plate 0241. Neither J Borel (I'm in US) nor Cousins lists either of these. I'm a beginner and don't know how to cross reference other movements. I tried a donor but it also lost a stone. Must be a weak area for this movement. Any help appreciated. Thanks Charlie
  3. WatchMaker Many thanks. This is very helpful to a beginner. Charlie
  4. Thank you. As it turned out, the other assembly fell out of the balance cock. So, I suspect the plate assembly will separate in the ultrasound.
  5. I've not seen one of these before. The bottom jewel is inside a spring that I can turn inside it's recess but won't come out easily. Does it need to be removed for cleaning? Thank you Charlie
  6. Hi All I'm still a beginner and just lost the clutch lever spring for a Bulova 11DP (AKA Citizen 241). I can't find either movement at J Borel here in the US or at Cousins. I would think that the part would be universal to a number of movements. But I'm not having any luck. Donor movements are dirt cheap but I want to learn how to look up the part from a supplier if possible. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Charlie
  7. Good idea, didn't occur to me. Is a special tool needed? Also, I don't see more curved options as WatchMaker mentioned.
  8. This is a Gruen needing a curved spring bar. The spring bar touches the middle of the case so what type of strap could be fitted? Thank you Charlie
  9. Not sure what you mean by this. I put the pallet fork in and there's no power in the main spring. When I set the hands that torque goes through the wheel train and causes the pallet fork to shift back and forth. Should this be the case? Seems that if completely assembled that would cause a problem.
  10. Their stuck in rodico. This part is "new" from the supply house. I tried to remove the gears on the old one and lost that clip at the end. Now I see that the repair instructions say "cannot be disassembled, available only as a unit". I did oil the seam between the two gears. I suspect there's still too much friction. If that's the cause, how do I remedy it?
  11. I think it may have something to do with what they are calling the "large driving wheel & notched set wheel" which is below. It's two gears on one pinion and both can move independently. My guess is that the low gear (forefront) sets the hands. While that's occurring the top gear, which is part of the train wheels, is also moving. My guess is that should not move. But what's to prevent it? Charlie
  12. Hi All I'm still a beginner reassembling an AS 2066. The stem has three positions: wind, date set, and hand set. Mainspring and bridge are in but not the click or the pallet fork. When I pull the stem to the third position and turn the mainspring will also turn either way depending on crown turn. Should it? Below is the repair instructions (would love to find more like it). Thank you Charlie AS 2066.pdf
  13. Hi All I'm a beginner and this is the date correcting pinion in an FHF 905. I didn't get a pic of this part during disassembly. Is that collar in the right direction? Thank you Charlie
  14. I didn't remove it during first clean and rebuild. After, I found it needed an alarming amount of torque to set the hands. I then tried to disassemble in order to lube the pinion. Is there another way to lubricate it? Yes, I ordered the complete wheel. Thank you Charlie
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