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  1. Is this mainspring set

    Thanks! I was just watching Mark's video on choosing a spring. Do you think the 1575 and the 1575N have the same spring. Mine is an automatic.
  2. Many thanks noirrac1j.
  3. HI All I'm a beginner asking lots of questions and I'm thankful for the replies. This is an EB 1575N pin lever I bought for practice. It's my first attempt at working on a mainspring. Is this considered "set"? Also, I plan to run it all through a Naptha clean in the ultrasonic. At the moment, I only have two lubricants: Moebius 8000/4 oil and KT-22 grease. Will either do for the spring? Thanks Charlie
  4. Got it open. Many thanks!
  5. Hi All I'm a beginner practicing on an EB 1575N pin lever. Here Any thoughts on the purpose of these gears attached to the barrel? Thank you Charlie
  6. Low amplitude on 70s Waltham

    I will check the jewel as Deggsie recommended. The photo angle makes the hairspring look uneven but it is flat.
  7. Low amplitude on 70s Waltham

    I'm the OP. I now recall that I lost the spring highlighted below. Would this cause the low amplitude? Thank you
  8. Low amplitude on 70s Waltham

    Now that you mention it, yes it is missing. I hadn't noticed. Thank you.
  9. Low amplitude on 70s Waltham

    The movement is labeled SGT 100 E4. Here are more pics of the hairspring and regulator. Hard to get the iphone to focus with the macro lens. Burnishing is beyond me:( Thank you all!
  10. Low amplitude on 70s Waltham

    Thanks for the guidance. It this point I can only dis/reassemble a watch. The with the balance removed the pallet fork does snap to the guide pins when brushed with an oiler. Below are some close ups. I made this video with the pallet removed and a puff of air on the balance. Again, thanks for any help! Charlie
  11. Hi All I'm a beginner. This is a Waltham windup I bought for practicing. I disassembled, cleaned and oiled it with mobeius 8000/4 which the supply house said is ok for practice pieces. I never oiled a watch before and I was careful to not overdo it. I didn't oil the pallet stones. I did nothing with the mainspring since I don't have a winder yet. I ran it over the demagnetizer. You can see that the amplitude is low. I just got the timegrapher so I don't know what it was before I go into it. There is detectable balance staff end shake. Would a mainspring replacement be next for trouble shooting? Thank you for any guidance! Charlie
  12. rogart63 thank you for your reply. I figured it out...I think. The ring is a spring which holds the lever in place. The ring has a cut (small opening). The other end of the lever is the bit that holds the rotor. Now it's a matter of coaxing the ring back over the lever. Charlie Maryland
  13. Hi all, I'm a beginner and currently practicing on a "Felsa 690 bidynator" The problem is that I can't fit the winding rotor over the axle. A metal retaining bit can be seen in the first pic that needs to somehow be retracted. The second pic shows a ring (R) and possible lever (L). The last pic shows the top of the rotor and arrow directing that some object is to be pushed down and to the left to release the rotor. The ring can be seen through the hole but not sure if it's in the correct position. Any idea how this should be assembled and how to retract that retaining bit? Thank you
  14. I'm a very new hobbyist and don't currently have a winder. I see that new Bergeons are very costly. Will this set work for wristwatches? Is there any reason to avoid this type of winder? Thank you for any insight!
  15. Stubborn Bulova case back

    Realizing I'm a beginner, I took it to the watch guy at the mall who popped it off in 2 minutes. Though with much effort. All that fighting get the balance swinging again to boot! Thank all very much!