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  1. I'm a beginner. I need to swap a bent bifora 115 hairspring with a donor (repairing hairsprings appears to be PhD level). The US suppliers here sell Bergeon 5430 (1.8mm wide, plastic handle) and 30013 (1.7 mm wide, meltal handle) hairspring collet levers. Are they essentially the same other than the handles? Thank you Charlie
  2. Thank you! I'm away at the moment and plan to get back into this watch later next week. Charlie
  3. It's hard to get a focused side shot. It looks level to me. Though, the focusing may make it appear otherwise. I won't have time to work on this again until later next week. I have a microscope coming and hoping it will help. Thank you all. d side shot, below. Looks flat to me.
  4. Hi All I'm a beginner. Below are some pics of an Orient H9 hairspring. It appears lopsided to me but I'm not sure. The amplitude is about 180. I've also asked questions about this movement here . Thank you for any help
  5. Thank you. The one giving me trouble at the moment is an Orient H9 which I had posted here when I first got it. After a clean and rebuild, the amplitude is about 180. When given a puff of air the balance will swing for a few seconds and stop rather quickly. I've tried recleaning and the jewels look ok to my untrained eye. I did ensure that the cap jewels are not upside down.
  6. I envisioned holding the balance shaft in a pin vise and turning it against the stick. Won't work? I'm a beginner:(
  7. Hi all I’m a beginner. I clean parts in a cheap ultrasound. I usually suffer low amplitude. I came across a method for cleaning balance pivots that involves scrubbing them with a jewelers rouge coated stick. Described here https://adjustingvintagewatches.com/cleaning-balance-pivots/ is this generally a recommended cleaning step? Thank you Charlie
  8. I've seen this mentioned but forget the answer. How long should a balance oscillate for after a puff of air? Thank you Charlie
  9. Thank you. It worked but I only tested the dial up position on the timegrapher before transferring it. Next week I plan move it back to the donor and test all positions. Charlie
  10. Wish I'd read this before I snapped pin of a regulator last week trying to twist the boot.
  11. Yes, as far as I can tell. Both movements are stamped 115/1.
  12. Hi All I'm a beginner. I ruined a hairspring on an otherwise fine bifora 115/1. I replaced the balance, cock and all, from a donor (I broke off the curb pin in the original) . Before the swap, the watch was stable on the time grapher. Now I get varying readings. I did demagnetize. rate. amp, beat error DU 74, 250, 1.4 95, 228, 1.4 82, 249, 1.4 DD 70, 235,1.6 80, 250, 1.4 77 259, 1.4 PU 100, 171, 3.9 134, 180, 3.7 94, 205, 3.5 PD -154, 197, 0.7 -73, 192, 0.7 -41, 198, 0.6 Any idea how I should proceed? Thank you Charlie
  13. Hi All I'm a beginner trying to correct a twist at the collet end of a bifora 115 hairspring. Never attempted it before and my dumont 2 tweezer is too large. What size is optimal? Thanks Charlie
  14. Underside. What part should I order?
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