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  1. Boy, that's helpful for us beginners. Thanks. Nowhere does it state that the spring is pre-lubed. I recently purchased some Moebius 8200. Would I install the spring and then add a few dots of the 8200. I can't find Mark's video on mainspring lubrication. Also, the arbor hook appears very small. Is it broken? Thank you
  2. Lc130

    Question about setting lever

    Amazingly it came out easily with a pair of long nose pliers. Thanks
  3. Hi All I'm back with another question concerning my EB 1575N learning piece. Previously I learned that I needed a new mainspring which I just received. The package says that a winder is not required. Rather, "merely push the mainspring from the Jiffy-Pak directly into the barrel". This is pictured below. What should I expect? Would the spring explode if not unpacked correctly. Thank you for any help! Charlie Maryland, US
  4. Lc130

    Question about setting lever

    It didn't occur to me that the screw was sheared (beginner here). Under higher magnification I can see the shear in the 2nd pic. It looks like the it should be screwed into the hole highlighted below. Is that correct? Is a pin vice (which I don't have) the optimal tool for removing the broken screw? Finally, Cousins UK sells "All Kinds Mixed Screws". Is this a good place to start for a replacement? Many thanks to all!
  5. Hi All This is an EB 1575N Roskopf pin leverthat I'm learning on. https://17jewels.info/movements-en/movements-e-en/movements-e-eb-en/417-eb-1575n.html I don't see where the setting lever attaches. In the pics below, it's simply resting on the stem. The link above has a similiar pic. As far as I can tell, the dial is the only thing that goes over it. You can also see that there's a threaded post that's attached. Wouldn't something screw onto it. All comments welcome. Charlie
  6. Lc130

    Shim under the balance cock

    I've seen these in Russian watches. I put the balance on and make a few turns on the screws and then slip the shim in.
  7. Lc130

    Is this mainspring set

    Thanks! I was just watching Mark's video on choosing a spring. Do you think the 1575 and the 1575N have the same spring. Mine is an automatic.
  8. Many thanks noirrac1j.
  9. HI All I'm a beginner asking lots of questions and I'm thankful for the replies. This is an EB 1575N pin lever I bought for practice. It's my first attempt at working on a mainspring. Is this considered "set"? Also, I plan to run it all through a Naptha clean in the ultrasonic. At the moment, I only have two lubricants: Moebius 8000/4 oil and KT-22 grease. Will either do for the spring? Thanks Charlie
  10. Got it open. Many thanks!
  11. Hi All I'm a beginner practicing on an EB 1575N pin lever. Here https://17jewels.info/movements-en/movements-e-en/movements-e-eb-en/417-eb-1575n.html Any thoughts on the purpose of these gears attached to the barrel? Thank you Charlie
  12. Lc130

    Low amplitude on 70s Waltham

    I will check the jewel as Deggsie recommended. The photo angle makes the hairspring look uneven but it is flat.
  13. Lc130

    Low amplitude on 70s Waltham

    I'm the OP. I now recall that I lost the spring highlighted below. Would this cause the low amplitude? Thank you
  14. Lc130

    Low amplitude on 70s Waltham

    Now that you mention it, yes it is missing. I hadn't noticed. Thank you.
  15. Lc130

    Low amplitude on 70s Waltham

    The movement is labeled SGT 100 E4. Here are more pics of the hairspring and regulator. Hard to get the iphone to focus with the macro lens. Burnishing is beyond me:( Thank you all!