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  1. I'm fairly certain that I made it worse. Any ideas for correcting it. I'm lost. Current state is pictured below. This is a Bifora 115/1. If I have to replace it and assuming I can't get a donor , Cousins lists parts for "115" and "115.1" For 115.1 they have "Balance Complete, Ordinary, Bifora 115 721" For 115 they list the above and "Balance Complete, Shockproof, Bifora 115 721.1" Are either of these the correct part and what constitutes "complete"? Thank you
  2. The plate is stamped H9. I've not found anything relating to that caliber either.
  3. Hi A beginner question: I lost a circular click spring. I believe that the end at the 7 o'clock position was bent down and the end at 5 o'clock was up. My question is whether they are also made with those ends bent in the other direction (7 up and 5 down)? I was going to order a package of 100 assorted but not sure if it's assorted sizes and/or direction. Thank you
  4. I'm trying to use Mark's video as a guide. Where would I grip and where and in what direction would I push? Thank you.
  5. This is a Bifora 115. I accidentally snagged the the hairspring with tweezers. I believe that the highlighted area is now bent?? Balance now swings slowly if at all. I've watched Mark's videos on straightening HS. Though I'm a beginner and never attempted this. Any advice is appreciated.
  6. Thank you. The watch now looks great on the time grapher.
  7. All good advice. Many thanks.
  8. Well this is interesting! To me anyway. It's now running at about 290 both dial up and down. Vertical positions are about 240. I tried flipping the main plate jewel over as Nucejoe recommended and this caused it to stop. Is that common? I then recleaned in lighter fluid, reoiled and reinstalled with the cap jewel curved end up toward the spring (the correct way; as it was before flipping it). Amplitude went from 190 to 287! Would this likely be attributed to a piece of debris or better oiling or maybe the jewel or spring wasn't seated correctly in the first place? I also tried pressure on the balance as saswatch88 suggested. I did stop if I pressed firmly enough. I then saw that I could change the amplitude by varying the tightness of the screw. Thank you both very much! Charlie
  9. Thank you all for your help. This forum is the only source I have for learning feedback. Info like this from clockboy helps a good deal "having spotless jewels & pivots and with the correct lubrication. However the difference is not huge." A beginner would not know this. The troubleshooting steps from Nucejoe are very valuable. I did not oil the pallet fork pivot jewels. I may have spoken too soon. After letting it run for 30 hours hours, I now get better amplitudes. These are the stats 6 hours into a full wind. DD +156 s/d, 197 amplitude, 0.3 BE DU -36, 301, 0.5 PD --40, 196, 0.1 PL -40, 220, 0.2 Can it be inferred that either the supporting balance cap jewel or the top pivot (balance weight on it while dial down) has a problem? The balance shake is just noticeable here I've read that polishing balance pivots with jewelers rouge and a wood stick can increase amplitude. Is this generally helpful in most cases? What beat error is good enough? Thank you Charlie
  10. One rinse. I find I'm not able to peg these jewel holes. I bought some real pegwood from a US supplier and whittled it down to a tiny point. I found the points breaking off in the hole leading to more cleaning. Any tips? It's hard to say how much 9415 was transferred. I've only used it on two watches. The amplitude of the 9415'd watches is no better than the others. Thank you
  11. Hi All I'm still learning the basics. My latest watch, like all others I've worked on, has low amplitude. The latest is a Bulova 11BL. The dial up amplitude rose from 185 to 220 after the cleaning and dial down stayed low at 170. I disassembled and cleaned in a solution of distilled water, ammonia and cascade (recipe from this forum). Rinsed in alcohol. The ultrasonic would be considered a very low end device for cleaning jewelry. I added a new spring but didn't lubricate it. I've read that they come with some type of dry lubricant?? I added a tiny amount of Moebius 8000 to the jewel cups and touched the exit pallet stone with 9415. I did remove the cap jewels for cleaning and used 8000. I've read here that I should strive for 270 https://adjustingvintagewatches.com/pallet-jewel-lubrication/. Any suggestions? Also, if the rate is good, is amplitude of 270 still important?? Thank you Charlie
  12. Forgive this beginner question but what defines an improper instal?
  13. If the movement was running before you put it back in the case, you might look to see if the second hand is touching the crystal or the other hands.
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