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  1. No idea??? I couldn't get a picture of it during disassembly. Thank you Charlie
  2. Thanks much Here it is again. The top spring will push the gear up against the other gear. That seems to make sense. That lever thing will get pushed down.
  3. Hi All I'm a beginner. This is the autowind for an AS 2066. Do I have these springs positioned correctly? Thank you Charlie
  4. Disregard! I got it. Just had to move the red pawl up further.
  5. Hi All I'm a beginner and this is an AS 2066. There appears to be binding that I can't seem to fix. The setting lever is prevented from pushing on the clutch lever by the red piece. Any ideas? Also, my beginner guess is that in the setting position rotating the stem one way will move the hands and rotating the other will move the date wheel?? Charlie
  6. Ebay just listed a balance that MAY be the correct one??? It's listed as "Barbell - Balance (721 -11, 1/2 ") CR29NR1699 Bidlingmaier Bifora 115". Here https://www.ebay.com/itm/223933585018?ul_noapp=true Does this look like the correct part? I'm not able to make any hairspring adjustments without complete failure. Thank you Charlie
  7. Yes, get the tool. Much easier but still not easy.
  8. Good advice. Though, as a beginner, I decided not to risk it and cleaned it assembled.
  9. This is an AS 2066 and I'm a beginner. What is the purpose of this wheel? Not seen this before. Thank you Charlie
  10. Yes day and date. The window is at 3. The date ring appears to be plastic or some non-metal material. The day wheel is ok.
  11. Neither Cousins or J Borel have one. Is there another source beyond a donor movement? Thank you
  12. Thanks all. I've ordered a pack of 40 large hairsprings for learning. Suspect I'll need many more.
  13. Hi All I'm a beginner with a history of mangling hairsprings and worse record trying to correct them. Using scrap hairsprings, I'm trying to learn to make a dogleg. I recently learned that replacement balances often require them. With the HS off the balance, I grip it with Dumont 55 tweezers. Trying to keep that tweezer vertical, I push the HS away from the collet. The problem is that I always end up with the end of the HS twisted upward. I can't find much on this other than Mark's correcting a HS videos (he makes it look easy). Any help is appreciated. Thank you Charlie
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