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  1. Folks I'm learning the basics on a Waltham wrist watch. The goal is to disassemble, clean, oil and reassemble and hope it still works. I've cleaned the balance in the ultrasonic while attached to the plate. Now I suspect that I should remove, clean and oil the shocks. Two questions: how do I remove the cap jewels in the shock mechanism? Also, am I correct in assuming that the shock on the top of the balance is best serviced while attached to the movement? Thank you! Charlie
  2. Hi All Second question of the day: what hand installing tool is recommended? Esslinger here in the US sells several. Many thanks Charlie
  3. Hi All I'm just learning the basics on a cheap Elgin PW. Some of the jewels look cracked but hard to tell with my 4X loupe. What magnification is recommended for inspecting fewels? If they are cracked, where do I order replacements? Many thanks Charlie
  4. There doesn't appear to be any excessive play in the balance. Below is a not-too-clear pic of one end of the staff. I can't get a pic of the other end without disassembly but it looks the same. It appears that if I loosen that microscopic screw highlighted at the top, that the wedge directly below will come out. The wedge looks to hold the the other end of the spring. Does this seem correct. I could then get a better look at it. How does one get a new staff or jewels for this? Many thanks! Charlie
  5. I'm just learning the very basics at this point. I've picked up an Elgin grade 345, 12s PW on ebay. Here's more info: I was able to disassemble, clean in naptha with an alchohol rinse and reassemble. I didn't oil it as I'm just starting out and just recently ordered oil. Before the clean, it would only run for less than 10 seconds. Seems to run happily now until I turn it upside down and it stops. I noticed that the third wheel upper jewel is cracked. I didn't remove the screwed in jewels for cleaning. Should I have? I just cleaned them whilst in the plate. Is this a balance problem? I didn't take the balance assembly apart as I suspect, it this novice level, I'd ruin it. Does anyone have troubleshooting advice? A pic is attached. I appreciate your experience! Charlie
  6. Thank you! I see amazon has these for $8. They even come with Chinese labeling!
  7. Hi All I'm just learning this as a hobby. I see that Esslinger here in the US sells cleaning machines that range in price from $35 here up to $700 here There are also a number of demagnitizers here My tweezers are already magnitized! What is recommended for someone who's just learning and plans (hopes) to fiddle with cheap vintages pieces from time to time? Thank you Charlie
  8. Hi, I'm just learning the basics and starting with pocket watches. A member of another forum (MWR) recommended I get a "low cost generic oil" but didn't state a name. Can someone recommend one? It'll be used on pocket watches and low priced wrist watches from ebay. These will be learning pieces. Thank you Charlie
  9. Yes, crown wheel is reverse thread.
  10. Watchfixr, Thanks very much. I'm still waiting for the larger screwdrivers I've ordered to arrive. I'll let you know how it works out.
  11. OK. I believe that JohnR725 has it right (or left!). I found this thread at NAWCC And this video of another Elgin grade PW. This repairer specifically notes that the crown wheel loosens to the left. Thank you John!
  12. Fletcher's book "Watch repair as a hobby" has this: "Now remove the ratchet wheel by unscrewing the screw at its centre; this is either right-or left-handed according to the whim of the maker." Neither the screw at the 6 o'clock position (crown wheel?), nor the screw on the wheel to its left (winding/ratchet wheel?) will budge. Not sure of the direction of either. Charlie
  13. Hi All, I'm just learning the very basics at this point. I've picked up an Elgin grade 345, 12s PW on ebay. Here's more info: It runs for maybe a minute at most before stopping. I'm attempting to disassmble and clean it as it's terribly dirty. I didn't get far. At the moment, I'm not able to remove the stuborn screw on the ratchet wheel. My question is whether it's lossened clock or counter clockwise? I've read that ratched wheel screws can go either way. Also, is there some type of screw treatment (oil, etc) that would help? Many thanks Charlie