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  1. centerwheel

    No dial screws on a Seagull 6497? How come?

    Thank you for replies. Meanoldmanning's photo was extremely helpful. I found now these screws on my watch. Thank you!!!
  2. centerwheel

    Lesson: Part 2 - Removing Balance

    Thanks, jdrichard! That's how I've been doing it, too. You can't be too careful...
  3. I bought an inexpensive Seagull knock off of Unitas 6497 movement just to practice with Mark's lessons. It's my first experience with modern Swiss-type watches. Something has caught my eye, or perhaps I am going blind? I expected to see small dial screws visible in the side. There should be 2 such screws because the dial, which I also have, has 2 feet. But there aren't even holes in the side for those screws to go in! Is this how it's supposed to be? Then, how is the dial attached to the movement? What holds the dial feet in the main plate?
  4. I've watched again (and again) the lesson from Part 2, section on stripping the movement, video on Removing the Balance. I noticed that Mark, having taken the balance out of the movement put it on his workbench where it was supported by its lower pivot! He next lifted it and put it down properly flipped on its cock. Is this the recommended way to do it? Isn't it dangerous to put balance wheel, with all the weight of the cock, down on the (lower) pivot? Am I worried too much?
  5. centerwheel

    What can cause rate to cycle every 5 minutes?

    Well, I buy non working American pocket watches, sometimes even missing parts, and resort to swapping parts routinely to get them fixed. In rare cases I have to make the part that I need because I can't find those ready available. It gets sometimes very challenging and often frustrating, but it feels good being able to make a balance staff for an old 18s watch based on hand measurements and eyeballing of what's available (old, broken staff, etc). In the case of this watch I swapped(!) the center wheel and the problem just went away like magic. No more cycling through the rate. There is still some irregular cycling of just a few seconds/day, but that is pretty much expected on those old watches. I've used the opportunity, with the balance out of the watch to improve the beat error down to 1.6ms - I am totally happy with it. Thank you all who suggested the cycling problem to be caused by the center wheel pinions or the barrel! It was.
  6. centerwheel

    What can cause rate to cycle every 5 minutes?

    I haven't thought about that. I have have another barrel and a center wheel, so, I will be able to swap those.
  7. I have an issue with an antique Hamilton 974 pocket watch (circa 1912). The watch has been recently serviced including jewels and gears inspection, new mainspring, cleaning and lubricating. Balance wheel swings freely with good amplitude (270 degrees), beat error is 2.4ms (can be improved), the rate after some adjustments is now fairly consistent in all positions. The problem shows on the timographer as slow but regular oscillation of the rate. The oscillation cycle is exactly 5 minutes. The maximum difference in rate between low and high is approximately 30 seconds per day. During the slow rate of the cycle I can also see lower amplitude (250 degrees) and an increase in beat error to 2.7ms. This watch escapement is 18000 bph. The only gear that rotates close to 5 minutes is third gear which, however, makes one rotation every 7.5 minutes. Anyway, just to be safe I replaced the third gear but the problem remained. What can be the cause of such a behavior? What kind of defect can produce such a cycle? Or, perhaps it's just something that might occur in an antique escapement? "The nature-of-the-beast"?
  8. Ok. I've just done this.
  9. When I logged in today and went to my courses the banner on the top of the page (the blue picture with the logo and top level menu) covered the access to the page "below", so I couldn't see and had no access to the link to the first lesson. To make it even more strange the banner remained stationary when scrolling. Also, when playing the video, unless in full screen, the top portion of the screen remains blocked. This has never happened before. I am using Google Chrome browser Version 70.0.3538.110 (Official Build) (64-bit).
  10. centerwheel

    Hallo from Texas

    I enjoyed the Watch Repair Courses 1 and 2 and I've just joined the forums. Until now I have been exclusively interested in American Vintage pocket watches. I have quite a few (will later post photos with my collection), the most recent are Hamilton 992 and an Illinois Bunn Special. Both are Railroad type and are amazingly accurate. I am currently working on making (fitting) a stem for my 16s Waltham Royal pocket watch. It's a fun project using my lathe, some filing, and making threads, and some metallurgy. Hope it will work :). That's the usual problem with vintage watches - can't find parts, so, one is almost forced to learn watchmaking to make parts that might be otherwise not available the easy way. Being retired, I recently decided that it's time to enjoy my collect/repair hobby with modern, mechanical wrist watches. So, I got my Chinese knockoff of ETA 6467 ($42) to practice, and will soon get a 2801 to practice, and also plan to build one later for my daily use based on ETA 2924-2 (Chronometer Grade). I love mechanical watches and am always amazed at the engineering involved in cramming all parts into a smaller and smaller space, how they've been made to work reliably, and how beautiful they are!