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  1. Hi! I wonder, if there is anybody, who´s got some spare parts for a SMITH MK II B y D aircraft clock? The clock is a copy of Jaeger LeCoultre 201, mounted in WW2 in a Spitfire or Hawker Typhoon I have got one one my workbench, it is complete, bit the ratchet wheel has lost some teeth....! Is there anybody who can help me with that?
  2. could anybody do that for me? I have not much experience with working on lathe and mill..... But I can try to find a gear, maybe a hour wheel with the right number of teeth, diameter and pitch! I guess, it will not cost a fortune, right? :-) Best, Peter
  3. Ich have many of these wheels in my store, just need some time tomorrow find the right one! It's not so easy to glue it in plastic! There ist not enough Material to put screws in!
  4. Thanks everybody! What about using the gear from a normal hour wheel of the same caliber? I guess, this has been made for regular hands!? Does anybody know? Peter
  5. Here are some Photos, maybe you make some thoughts about......!
  6. Thanks for your answer, I'll geht back to you later! Best, Peter
  7. Hello! I wonder if anyone can help me with my project! I´ve got a Longines "Comet", Ref. 8475, here, I guess you know this watch? Please view picture! This is a new old stock watch! The problem is, somebody missused it! The hour "hand" is running to one ó clock, then stops....! The problem is, one tooth underneth this hour disk ist broken off/damaged! This thing is made of plastic, there is no chance to repair! If it was brass or other metal, there would be no major problem to fix it! Now i am looking for this hour disk or a set of hour and minute disk! It has been made in different colours, yellow, green, blue, red..... But I would take any colour! Even mix it! :-) Would you please check your store for this? Maybe you know somebody, who can have this....! Thanks for your help! Have a great day! Peter
  8. Yes, it has a second crown! Pushed in: alarm off, pulled out: Alarm starts! No Matter, where the alarm hand Stands!
  9. Hi there! I Wonder, If anybody knows somwe about the Venus 230 Alarm movement!? After cleaning i have some trouble with this! When i wind it up, it starts ringing, no matter, what position the alarm hand is! Any Idea?
  10. Hello watchlovers! My name is Peter, I am a hobby watchmaker for 25 years now, still learning...... My interest for mechanical watches started in the beginnig of the 90ties, when eastern people came to Germany and sold russian watches on fleamarkets. My first mechanical watch was a Poljot alarm watch, very nice, new an chaep! I dont´t remember, guess it was 20.- D-Marks, this time... This was just the beginning! Every weekend I went to the Fleamarket nearby, buying one or two new russian watches. (Sometimes more!) One day, you can imagine, one of this watches broke..... Damned! What is the problem? You must know, I am a vehicle machanic! So I opend the watch and had a look! OMG, a lot of tiny screws and stuff! Next day I got me some screwdriveers and tweezers for this, started to dismantle the watch. Ok, useless to say: this was the very end of this watch! :-) But, again, i took the next one....... And in went back to life! Great! From this day my skills got higher and higher, my workbech got bigger an bigger! Now I am able to repair all watches and chronographs! Ok, I can do not all, but I got many friends, some are hobbists like me and some are professional watchmakers! They give some help and so do I! In all this years I collected some watchparts and other watchstuff, my store is really huge! My dear wife helps a lot to manage all this! I you need some watchparts,ask........ That´s me! :-) Sorry for my poor english!
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