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  1. Hello Everyone, Padd here from the UK. It all started with a desire to fix a Submariner replica I bought off a lucky lucky man in Pisa, Italy while on a European tour. Next thing I know I'm investigating Submariner replicas and building my own, signed by me, using a Seagull ST2130 movement, adventure watch. Now I'm hooked, I took inspiration from Marks videos, now I'm happily starting to work on parts of the movement, and have recovered one or two movements where the stem came out, but wouldn't stay back in. I have built a few watches for friends and relations, but now I need to be able to service them when they come back to me. I also have a couple of movements that run really badly, so I will be practising on those over the winter weekends. Full repair/servicing kit IS my Christmas present. I really want to get one of those ST2130's, serviced and tweaked by me, doing a -------------------------- on my timegrapher. not a -.'-.'''--,'.'.' (and worse) that they do at the moment. I wont start to list my watch collection, but it runs from a Casio digital to a Rolex pocket watch with Seikos, Citizens, Omegas and home builds in the mix. Must do Mark's course, but I'm afraid I may have already learned 60+% of it already.
  2. Personally I think the Seagull ST2130 is an excellent copy of the ETA 2824.2. But the keyless works is a pain and stems that wont stay in are a common problem. The secret is to tweak the part shown above so that tab on the Combined Setting Lever Jumper (445) that presses down on the setting lever has a slightly higher tension and a dab of grease where the setting lever pushes against the Yoke when entering time setting mode. You may also find the part of 445 that clicks against the pin on the setting lever either needs a dab of grease or reducing the tension (which can be done with a screwdriver while its all together). If you don't do this, when trying to get into the time setting mode, the setting lever rides up over the yoke and the stem pops out and usually wont recover. I have just fixed 2 of these and by adjusting those 2 tensions (and greasing the setting lever and clutch) , the keyless works is a joy to use! By the way, you can buy a new ETA 2824.2 from Cousins UK and they aren't that expensive if you buy them LP (loose pack).
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