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  1. dwhite

    watch tins

    Bingo! I would never have thought to look at a scientific supply company. When I bought my first gross 20 years ago several watch supply houses had them. They are perfect for storing movement, wrist watches and many pocket watch movements. I wrap the movements in tarnish preventing watch paper and put a cotton pad on top and bottom for cushion. (The round cotton pads ladies use to remove makeup available at walmart for next to nothing.) Never had a movement rust or tarnish and they are super protected. Thanks everybody, Dan.
  2. dwhite

    watch tins

    Yes, exactly!
  3. dwhite

    watch tins

    No, they are all steel.
  4. dwhite

    watch tins

    I was looking for the tin plated steel ones. Last ones I bought were about $40 for a gross but I can't remember where I got them.
  5. dwhite

    watch tins

    I saw that but they have glass tops and are aluminum. Thanks though. Dan.
  6. Does anyone know where to buy those round metal watch tins with slip covers in bulk? I ordered a case years ago and forgot where I got them and need more. I'm not even sure I'm using the right terminology but a lot of google searches haven't turned up what I'm looking for. I can find them individually priced but they are way more than I paid before. Thanks in advance, Dan.
  7. dwhite

    watch timing machine

    Just got a used copy of De Carle's book on ebay. Thanks for the recommendation. Dan.
  8. I'm looking on ebay at a Weishi Multifunction Timegrapher model 1000 for about $150. I don't know anything about timing machines, how they work, how to use them or how to regulate a watch but I now have several watches from pocket watches to wrist watches that need to be timed. Is this a usable machine and do you need to be a rocket scientist to use one? As always, thanks in advance, Dan.
  9. dwhite

    screw on back vs snap on back

    Thanks, I bookmarked this page. I messed up an old watch that had a two piece stem. I tried to pull it out using advice I read here. I had to use a ton of force, turns out the two pieces were rusted together. I bent up the stem tube. Are these soldered in? I have an assortment of tubes but no idea how to remove one and install another.
  10. dwhite

    screw on back vs snap on back

    Thanks! I feel better now as all of the watches I'm wondering about are from the 60s. How in the world would you take a movement out from the top? If you remove the crystal aren't you just presented with the dial with no way to loosen the screw to take out the stem? I'm trying to imagine how one would do this.
  11. Is there any way to tell if a back is screw on or snap on? I know many snap on have a relief to get a knife in but I have heard some don't. Most screw on backs I have seen have lugs to get something like a jaxa tool in but I understand there are some that are completely smooth like the old pocket watches. I've got a few watches I'm unsure of so I thought I would ask. Thanks!
  12. Thanks everyone for all the help. I got the movement back together today and it runs great. I re plated the case and polished the scratches out of the crystal so it should look good. I will have to wait to case it because I just ordered a seconds hand from Ofrei and that will take a few days to get here. I might have to ask for advise on inserting the stem but I'll play around with it first before I install the dial to see if I can get it to work. Learned a lot on this one.
  13. dwhite

    inca bloc

    That must have been one small end mill!