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  1. dwhite

    screw on back vs snap on back

    Thanks, I bookmarked this page. I messed up an old watch that had a two piece stem. I tried to pull it out using advice I read here. I had to use a ton of force, turns out the two pieces were rusted together. I bent up the stem tube. Are these soldered in? I have an assortment of tubes but no idea how to remove one and install another.
  2. dwhite

    screw on back vs snap on back

    Thanks! I feel better now as all of the watches I'm wondering about are from the 60s. How in the world would you take a movement out from the top? If you remove the crystal aren't you just presented with the dial with no way to loosen the screw to take out the stem? I'm trying to imagine how one would do this.
  3. Is there any way to tell if a back is screw on or snap on? I know many snap on have a relief to get a knife in but I have heard some don't. Most screw on backs I have seen have lugs to get something like a jaxa tool in but I understand there are some that are completely smooth like the old pocket watches. I've got a few watches I'm unsure of so I thought I would ask. Thanks!
  4. Thanks everyone for all the help. I got the movement back together today and it runs great. I re plated the case and polished the scratches out of the crystal so it should look good. I will have to wait to case it because I just ordered a seconds hand from Ofrei and that will take a few days to get here. I might have to ask for advise on inserting the stem but I'll play around with it first before I install the dial to see if I can get it to work. Learned a lot on this one.
  5. dwhite

    inca bloc

    That must have been one small end mill!
  6. What is a keeper joint? Also, would you put a bit of grease on the little gear at the base of the seconds pinion?
  7. WLS, thanks again! That website is a goldmine! Dan.
  8. dwhite

    inca bloc

    Thanks a million Tudor! I will use G-S and I'll look for a better rubber band. I know McMaster and would never have thought to look there. Dan.
  9. dwhite

    inca bloc

    Tudor, I just tried to remove the ring with a dental pick. I barely hooked it and it lifted right up! It was rubber after all. I can now plate the case. I also got the crystal off using a crystal lift, the first time I have used this tool. Turns out, I don't think it was the kind of crystal that goes in by compression but it came out anyway. Do you know how to tell if a crystal is glued in or is compression fitted? Also, I bought this tool over 15 years ago and the rubber ring that holds tension on the little fingers is way stretched out. They gave me an extra but I'm not sure how to replace it. The diameter is so much smaller than where it has to go. Would you know how to do this? Thanks! Dan.
  10. Here is the picture, sorry it took so long. I checked and it does have a pinion for a second hand! When you say get one from ebay or a supplier, what specs do I use? I tried measuring the pinion with a Seitz jewel gauge but that didn't work. I can try a micrometer but there is very little sticking up. When you say remove the top wheel from the third wheel with a presto hand remover do I assume you do this before you take the plate off? And when you say to use a staking set to put it back on do you mean to put the entire watch on the anvil and press on the wheel? Again, I want to make sure we are talking about the large wheel above the third wheel. I did see the post you mentioned but couldn't make heads or tails out of it. Perhaps it will become clear when I take the watch apart. Anyhow, many thanks, I have learned a lot!
  11. I will send a picture and take a closer look at the face to see if there is a second hand pinion in the center.
  12. This is probably a premature question but I'm about to attempt a cleaning of a Bulova 11BLC movement. I noticed an extra gear on top of the plate so I guessed it was to run a seconds hand. The best I could find on the internet was an arrangement called an indirect center seconds movement. The watch does have a spring above the center wheel like the movements I saw online however it has no seconds hand at all. I'm guessing they didn't use this arrangement to employ a seconds hand on this watch but all the stuff is still there. Any pitfalls to working on this type of movement? I read that this extra gear is attached to the third wheel. Thanks! Dan.
  13. dwhite

    inca bloc

    Wish I had a practice movement but I don't and this is a nice watch, someone's retirement watch. The case (except for the screw on back) appears to be gold filled inside and out. The movement is at least gold plated and looks brand new. I had planned to replate the watch but there seems to be a grey embedded O ring in the case. I suppose this pries out? Might be hard to find a replacement. But thanks, at least I can get the watch apart now. And I'll keep an eye out for a practice movement. Dan.
  14. dwhite

    inca bloc

    Hello again after a long absence. Just got back to watch repair again and I have a Bulova 11BLC movement with inca bloc in the balance. My question is, can I remove and reinstall this balance as if the inca bloc wasn't there? I've seen videos on removing the cage and hear stories about them flying across the room and I'm not sure I trust my skill or coordination. Thanks in advance, Dan.