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  1. lathe file rest

  2. lathe file rest

    Is there anything special about Pultra collets? I'm trying to get some 10mm collets and I see some on ebay labeled Pultra. I have no idea if they are compatible with Levin 10mm lathes and drawbars.
  3. lathe file rest

    I did the same. I did not see a lantern tool post on their page. And where in the world did you get that chuck? I would love to have one like it. Dan
  4. Unknown lathe

    That's the hard part. I don't believe there is room for a single hole on my bench. Perhaps it is cleaning time?
  5. Tiny washer

    Thanks to all! The problem is solved! The washer goes between the pinion and the center wheel (Elgin safety pinion). I don't remember taking it apart. I did have one come apart on a previous movement which explains the second one I found. Someone just helped me with this problem, you think I would remember.
  6. Tiny washer

    Wow! Thanks John! I did not know about the Swigart book. I will look at the safety pinion this weekend to see if it belongs there. As far as the movements, I bought two for about ten bucks as parts movements to practice on so, no, they weren't even close to running shape and probably never will be. This particular one was all rusted up. I took it apart, derusted it, and am finally getting around to putting it back together again.
  7. Tiny washer

    Yes. I find it a bit difficult to read, I actually have to study it sentence by sentence. I also have Henry B. Fried's book which is easier to understand. The serial number of the watch is 15847291 which is a 12s Grade 315 15J Open Face Double Roller made in 1911. Elgin made over a million of these. I don't know how many parts are original. Some of the wheels are a tight fit in the jewels which doesn't seem right but they all mesh.
  8. Tiny washer

    I worked on it a while today and the washer fit under the barrel pretty well but didn't seem to do anything so I took it back out. It's dead flat and thicker and much smaller than a dial washer so I don't think it's one. While I was at it I decided to remove the bottom balance jewels since I had never done that before. They came out nice but wouldn't go back in right. The hole jewel was cracked anyway. And I found that the stem/clutch mechanism was all wrong for this watch. I think its a Frankenwatch. I'll keep fitting it together and looking to place that washer. It really does look like a shim of some sort. Thanks for the suggestion. And I've poured through my limited collection of books to no avail. Dan.
  9. Tiny washer

    Thanks clockboy, good to know.
  10. Tiny washer

    I'll look but it was a flat washer. The movement didn't have a crown, it was meant for a pendent set case which had the crown and sleeve in it. But who knows? I didn't try to fit it there before. Thanks to you and khunter for the responses, now I have places to look.
  11. Tiny washer

    I think that might be it. I've spent the past two hours staring at pictures online and found two, a Rolex and a Longines, that have this exact washer (scaled down to wrist watch size) under the crown wheel. Like you said, the washer must have been stuck to the plate or to the crown wheel and didn't separate until it got to the ultrasonic. Especially this last movement, an Elgin 12s which was badly rusted together. I'll have time this weekend to try this solution out and I'll post what I found out. BTW, I successfully derusted the entire movement. The regulator plate was so rusted you couldn't even see the three screws holding it on, now the whole assembly is rust free and the screws turn properly.
  12. Tiny washer

    I posted this a while back and got no answers. I just looked for it and it was gone so I reposted it. Was the question deleted because it was too dumb? I seriously cannot figure it out. Thanks!
  13. Tiny washer

    Isn't that an Elton John song? I'm embarrassed to ask but the last three Elgin pocket watch movements I've taken apart and put back together have the same extra part left over and I don't know where it goes. It's a tiny washer, not a dial washer, that I never see when I take the movement apart, never see when I put the parts in the basket for the ultrasonic but it magically appears after it comes out of the cleaner. I don't put the mainspring barrel in the cleaner. I've looked for places where it might go but can't find anything. These are parts movements I'm practicing on so I left them as dead as they were when I started minus a washer. Here's a picture next to a center wheel of a 12s Elgin.
  14. Waltham pocket watch.

    I have to ask, how do you let down a full plate watch? I see the barrel but how do you get to the click?
  15. Help with new tailstock

    Finally found the proper name for this tailpiece. It is a Levin 10mm collet holding tailpiece. I got a drawbar that seems to fit exactly although I don't have a 10mm collet yet to test it. I have one on order. From dimensions I have found online for 10mm Levin D collets it should be long enough to engage the threads. If not, I'll have to find a machinist to turn a bit off a shoulder on the drawbar. Thanks everyone!