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  1. Hallo Winn, "Buon Giorno" in italian Thanks for your welcome
  2. Ciao Roberto, grazie dell'accoglienza. Sei in Italia ?
  3. Abruzzo ! Very nice. I'm from PARMA (Emilia Romagna) A town in the half way between Milan and Bologna.
  4. Hallo, I'm Angelo 57 years old. With a past like electronic, telecomm, software engineer, now with a completely different job. From few years i'm an entusiast to restore old wrist watches. Yesterday night I completed Mark's third course, level 3. Excellent course that gave me a lot of new knowledge. A great support to improve my small skill. I love doing myself tools that i need, so i hope to present here in the future some of them for all of you. But the way to knowledge must be very long. I'm very happy to be between you. I'm sorry for my not perfect English. Best regards Angelo
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