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    watch collecting and repair and restore
  1. Hi Tiho, Welcomed to the forum. I collect vintage too, got a small collection, mostly Swiss, Russian and Japanese. Attached pic is my first vintage, Seiko Goldfeather.
  2. I did.........well sort of. I bght a Citizen Crystal 7 for restore. Wish me luck!
  3. I am using a cheap US cleaner, works fine with Elma 1:9, just repeat the process if the first round of cleaning is not sufficient. Just don't put the pallet fork in for cleaning, the jewel might drop off.
  4. Hi Orville, welcomed to the forum.
  5. Welcome to the forum. I am a newbie in watch repair too.
  6. when I was attending a watch repair class, we used Shanghai for practice and later I bght more chinese mvmt for practice. They are pretty cheap and you don't have to worry abu spoiling it.
  7. recently I bght a set of auto oilers frm the bay. Unlike the Bergeon, tis does not dispense oil on the press of a button. A small drop of oil will accumulate at the tip n u just apply it. Not sure if yours worked the same.
  8. Thanks. I hv done a search but nothing useful turned up. Unlike the Bergeon Auto oilers these are pretty cheap.
  9. Recently I purchased a set of auto oiler from the bay. Anybody here use this oiler? Is tis better than the manual oiler and oil cup?
  10. Thanks. Good to see a fellow Singaporean here!
  11. Thanks Mike for the warm Welcome. And yes I do hv a copy of Practical Watch Repairing and a timegrapher too. I have just cleaned and oiled a Russian Slava 2428. The date wheel mechanism is a bit tricky though. Hoping to complete it today or tmr.
  12. Hi, I am from Sinagpore. Was into watch collecting but took up a watch repair course a few months ago. Have been practicing with some old watches. And I hope to learn from all the experts here.
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