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  1. recently I bght a set of auto oilers frm the bay. Unlike the Bergeon, tis does not dispense oil on the press of a button. A small drop of oil will accumulate at the tip n u just apply it. Not sure if yours worked the same.
  2. Auto Oiler

    Thanks. I hv done a search but nothing useful turned up. Unlike the Bergeon Auto oilers these are pretty cheap.
  3. Auto Oiler

    Recently I purchased a set of auto oiler from the bay. Anybody here use this oiler? Is tis better than the manual oiler and oil cup?
  4. Hi from Singapore!

    Thanks. Good to see a fellow Singaporean here!
  5. Hi from Singapore!

    Thanks Mike for the warm Welcome. And yes I do hv a copy of Practical Watch Repairing and a timegrapher too. I have just cleaned and oiled a Russian Slava 2428. The date wheel mechanism is a bit tricky though. Hoping to complete it today or tmr.
  6. Hi from Singapore!

    Thanks for such a warm welcome.
  7. Hi from Singapore!

    Hi, I am from Sinagpore. Was into watch collecting but took up a watch repair course a few months ago. Have been practicing with some old watches. And I hope to learn from all the experts here.