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  1. Sorry, I have to read first. Old hippy already suggested this.
  2. Maybe you can create a watch that talks! I don't know of that is possible, but it came up to me.
  3. Oké, I get it. Thank you very much.
  4. Hello Nucejoe, thank you for your response. what do you mean exactly by push barrel?
  5. Hello people, I can need some support. I have cleaned a fhf 96 movent and lubricated (9010, d5, 9415) it. After this it runs nice for about 38 hours. After winding again, it runs 24 hours and then it stops. Now it stops running fast after winding. What could be wrong? I appreciate your suggestions. Sincerely, Hans
  6. Oké, I will thank you all for your help. I will go on with it and let you know the results.
  7. See the picture. This is after cleaning and without motion/calenderwork. Dirty/sticky hs?
  8. I will inspect it further with all the suggestions. Thank you all. I'll let you know if I succeeded.
  9. By the way, I demagnetised the watch and I use the right oil (Moebius D5, 9010, 9415).
  10. It runs far too fast, >10 minutes a day. The timing machine confirms that.
  11. Hello there, I have an Eta 2834-2 movement in a Louis Erard watch. Dial up it runs nice. But vertical (12 up) it runs far to fast. Any suggestions? Gr. Hans
  12. Hello MattWatch, You probably have to reset (battery/AC) the Tissot after batterychange.
  13. Thank you all for your comments and tips. I will be back soon.
  14. Hello, I've serviced a FHF st96 movement. But after servicing the movement is still two minutes slow (24 hrs). The regulator is at max. Tips? Thank you all. Sincerely, Hans
  15. Hello people, My name is Hans, i'm 57 years old. My job is to help incapacitated entrepreneurs to get back on their feet again. My hobby is being engaged with watches. I'm new here, but not quit new. I'm watching the vidios from Mark for about two years now. I'm interested in watches since my youth. At some moment I started to chande batteries and did other small repairs. Then I wanted tot know more. I purchased some tools and so on. Because I wanted to know what I was doing, I signed op at the only watchmakersschool in Holland, the Zadkine Watchmakersschool. After I've received the message that that course was full, I decided to follow the Timezone Watchschool. course. This is a course mainly on paper with some photographs. So I became a self-taught. Than I became an offer from Mark . It was an offer you can't refuse. So I started again with the first and the second course. Because I learned a lot the last few years it wasn't difficult, but I liked following the course a lot. Now I start with number 3. I hope to hear and learn from all of you. Best wishes, Hans
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