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  1. Likewise Vin! I did 3 trips through the yards while on those boats, 2 fixed drydocks and 1 floater. It was a neat experience but always ended up being winter in Connecticut. Thanks again for the welcome! Looking forward to it.
  2. Thank you all!!! I am finding out that Seiko has discontinued making a lot of these mainsprings for 7S, 4R, 6R. I guess they just want you to buy a new movement. So a generic spring will most likely have to be sourced. They don't even sell the barrel complete anymore. (or I just haven't found a viable source yet) I have gotten a little frustrated lately, as I started purchasing spring winders from ebay. The first turned out to be a pocket watch spring winder that is too deep and the spring winds up in a ball. The second set I bought was an adjustable K&D 123, A & B, that fits the barrel but the right winding knob has the nib that grabs the spring hole worn off, so it won't wind. I am still very new to this. This is the first spring I am trying to wind up and it has been a source of stress so far. The spring has gotten kinked several times so I just decided to keep practicing on it till the tail broke off last night. I will say I almost had it once, but when trying to get the spring to let go of the knob, as I removed the winder knob the spring popped out. I suppose I could just keep trying to find a newer knob for the 123A, but I am gravitating towards spending more for the Bergeon and be done with it. My thinking is I could always add new drums one at a time as needed over time (as I don't have $1K+ to drop on a whole set). Well again Thank You all for your help. I will keep trying.
  3. Hi All, I have exhausted google and various pdf's on the Bergeon mainspring winder sets, and I have wasted enough money on ebay buying worn out vintage "universal" winders. Does anyone know which Bergeon winder drum/arbor you need for the seiko 7s26 mainspring? Any help here would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, ,,,,,,Erik
  4. Hey Vin! No, I was on the Albuquerque and Alexandria, both 688's.
  5. Hello All, My name is Erik, a Swedish-American New Jersey native, living in coastal Alabama which is right next to Pensacola, Florida. I am a recently retired firefighter and former US Navy Submariner. I have been interested in watches all my life and got more serious about them nearly 10 years ago. Mostly diver watches and pilot watches but I am starting to gain an interest and appreciation for all of them. I have been "Modding" Seiko watches for about 5 or so years and want to go deeper into the movements and repair. I just completed level 1 & 2 of the watch classes and am now starting to practice stripping a movement. I am ordering a seagull unitas clone, but it won't be here till almost Christmas so I have begun to strip an old 7S26 Seiko movement down. While Modding, I pushed to hard while putting the hands on and something popped. In my tear down I discovered that the cannon pinion had popped free which accounts for the minute hand free spinning. I am taking the advice (from the classes) seriously and just trying to just gain some experience with the tweezers and screwdrivers. While taking apart the 7S26 I could see I'd need a lot of practice. If you guys could've seen how badly I handled the balance complete, you'd be laughing!! I managed not to have bent anything I hope, but Mark makes it look easy in the videos. I did manage to get it reinstalled on the empty main plate while all of these parts await cleaning. Ultimately, my goal is to restore 2 watches. My Godfather's Welsbro Chronograph (1950's) with a Valjoux 7733, and my Grandfather's Record Geneve Curvex (1944). I am placing no time limit on these goals as I am sure it will be some time till I have the confidence to touch them. After that, I would like to restore old Seiko and Swiss watches and other projects I might like. Looking forward to having some fun here and making some new friends!
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