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  1. Hello I'm starting to service a vintage zenith with 2572PC movement in it. First problem is I can't seem to find a way to release the winder. This apperas to be the simplest type of relese system as a push down bolt is easily spotted. The point is it just doesn't release and this is where doubts come in... Am I missing something? In the attached image I'm trying to show what is unexpected to my unexperienced eyes. TIA Giuseppe
  2. Giuseppe

    Zenith 2572PC Winder Release Problem

    What a great place is this! Thanks everybody for your help, special thanks to watchmaker for such a crystal explication!
  3. Giuseppe

    Zenith 2572PC Winder Release Problem

    Haven't tried yet buy I think that Is the way to go. Is Just that I Haven't seen anything likes this in any video tutorial so I'm a bit araid of Messing up things.
  4. Giuseppe

    Zenith 2572PC Winder Release Problem

    Yes, sorry I was missing the riht term. Clasp, I mean a C shaped clasp. So it must be removed in order to dismantle the winder? it seems aplied to the stem and does not move when pushing the push down bolt.
  5. Giuseppe

    Zenith 2572PC Winder Release Problem

    Yes it is, it'a PC (auto module + date) 17 j unadjusted. I've alredy checked Ranfft database and in that image there is the same misterious (to me at least) component!
  6. Hello everybody, I'm in need of some advice because I don't know if a red gasket (case back gasket) should be lubricated with some silicone before fitting or if such procedure is recommended only for smoother rubber gaskets. In genearl would someone kindly explain the correct approach with lubrcating casback gaskets? Thanks! Giuseppe
  7. Hi, in order to buy appropriate spares in my attempt to service an Omega 175.0083 (7750) I need some advice: 1. I've already been suggested to replace MS: Barrel is Ok and I'm thinking of buying a new MS and moebius 8217 for barrel lubricating as I don't want to spend money on recommended Kluber 125 grease. Should I consider instead buying a barrel complete (assuming Barrel complete (180.1) comes with MS installed) wich supposedly comes prelubricated ? 2. Attached image shows automatic device bridge with evident sign of wear from where, to my understanding, the problem orginated: a screw came off I cant find original part. ETA part is different from Omega in that the Omega is larger and partially covers hammer two function and the chronograph cam. Beside that and since the watch has no crystal back case I think those parts are perfectly interchangeable. Do I need to replace the bridge or are there alternative aproaches to this problem? TIA Giuseppe
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    Should this bridge be replaced? 7750

    Thanks Joe, I was wondering if a bit of Loctite would do good but I was afraid to share this thought !! Thanks again.
  9. Giuseppe

    Should this bridge be replaced? 7750

    This is the reason why I'm asking if that sign of wear can compromise how the screw will stay in place. Despite of those signs I see enough space for the screw to make pressure to the bridge and hold it in place. And the slot on the lower bridge where the screw fits shows no sign of wear. I lack in knowledge here and I'm definitely afraid that the screw might fall apart again. To my eyes the rest of the movement is in perfect condition. Thanks for answering!
  10. First thing first: I'm a beginner. I've stripped down an omega 1152 which is basically a 7750 with a modified automatic bridge. It wasn't working and the problem was easy to find and at the same time unexpected: a screw from the automatic bridge out of place and blocking the escape wheel!!! So, the watch has rested for at least one year with MS fully wound and a screw in the most delicate place. Now I've cleaned parts and checked under 12x, and at first sight everything seems fine at least to my inexperienced eyes. I thought that in the first place I need to test whether the escapement has suffered. So I struggled a good hour trying to put on wheels, pallet fork, pallet fork bridge (what a pain... Mark's videos made me believe it was easier...) and balance wheel. And what a surprise I didn't bend any pivot!! Note that no lubrication was made at this point since I have no lubricant yet.. Anyway at this point I expected a nice swing of the balance but nothing happened. Blowing on the balance wheel made the trick, but amplitude was really small and it stopped after couple of minutes. Stripped it down again to see if I accidentally bended any pivot. But everything seems fine except.. except escape wheel. This is where I need advice: The images attached shows the best shot I could take of the escape wheel and e drawing of the theeth. Question is probably stupid but this is my very first escape wheel... Is that profile normal or do you see signs of wear?
  11. Giuseppe

    Escape wheel theeth profile

    Ok thanks both!
  12. Hello, I'd like to hear some advice wether this MS is in good shape or if it should be replaced. This comes from a 15 years old Omega Speedmaster Reduced, fitting a 7750, which has never been serviced before and stopped working. I stripped the movement down to the mainspring since I thought in the first place I would have replaced it anyway. But now I'm thinking that if it is in good shape it could be placed back in the barrel. Should it be refitted the problem is I have no tool for MS, but that's a problem I'll deal with subsequently. As you can see it is not flat to the surface and I remeber reading this is not good. Any thought will be appreciated! TIA Giuseppe
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    Poising Question

    Fully serviced means you took demagnetisation too, right?
  14. I do not see lubrication icon on the pallet fork jewels.
  15. I've too limited expertise but one thing I've learnt is that fork pivots mustn't be oiled. Am I wrong?
  16. Giuseppe

    Hello from Italy

    Hello everybody I'm trying to learn as much as I can and this is such a wonderful place to start!! I hope one day I'll learn enough to help others with same passion for horology! Giuseppe ITA
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    Which ETA 7750 clone to practice

    You're right... patience is the way to wisdom thanks for slowing me down
  18. Hello, I'm pretty sure this topic has not been debated here, but in case it has been please forgive me. In order to learn how to strip down a ETA 7750 movemenet, would it be advisable to work on a clone movement such as the SHANGHAI 3LZF2 ? Are there any alternative options? TIA Giuseppe
  19. Giuseppe

    Which ETA 7750 clone to practice

    No definetely I've NEVER worked on anything , I've just enrolled on Mark's course.. The point is I really like to plan what to do and my goal is to be able to service a 7750 before the end of 2018. As Mark bases his course on a simple and big movement (he suggests using a clone of the UNITAS 6497) I thought it might be advisable, after learning the basic with that movement, to step further and use a clone of the 7750 before testing my fresh learnt skills on a real and more costly original ETA... Am I wrong?