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  1. That’s what I was leaning towards. I asked because some inexpensive Seiko quartz watches I have worked on said not to lube the stem.
  2. Hello everyone. I am replacing the battery on my daughter’s Bulova with a Miyota GL30 movement. I have removed the movement so I can clean the case and bracelet at the same time. My question is, should I lubricate the stem when I install it or not. I have the parts list for the movement, but I couldn’t locate any service information. Thanks in advance for your guidance. Cheers!
  3. Overdue update: After a two month "break", I am back at the bench. The regulator adjustment tool I ordered I arrived, so this afternoon I decided to look into my non-concentric hairspring problem. Here's what I did: 1) Tried to use my new regulator tool to adjust the regulator a tiny bit to see what effect that would have on my hairspring. To my dismay, the tool, which is meant for an EtaChron regulator, does not fit the Seiko regulator stud. I assumed that since the Seiko design was based on the EtaChron, that the tool would work on my Seiko. Here's a picture of the tool I ordered
  4. Update on the adjustment tool: None of my local suppliers had the adjustment tool in stock (it seems that this tool is not stocked by many of the suppliers in Canada and the U.S.) but I was able to source one out of the U.S. at a reasonable price. The company I ordered it from didn't have it on their website, but when I emailed them, lo and behold, they did stock it. I have ordered it and once it arrives I will be able to make adjustments as needed and see if this resolves my problem. Roger
  5. I decided that installing an endstone that "might" work would skew any further diagnosis I might encounter, so I decided to order the correct one. I found the correct endstone online at a reasonable price. Now I just have to wait for it to arrive. Thanks for your input! Roger
  6. I need to replace an endstone (Incabloc 121.11) on a ST 96 movement. My local supplier has one that is 0.09 mm thinner than the correct one. Will the Incabloc spring be able to take up the extra slack and properly control end float, or am I flirting with disaster? I can buy the correct one online, but it would be quicker and cheaper to buy it from my local parts supplier. Cheers! Roger
  7. I have spent a lot of time today reading, researching and viewing videos and tutorials online. Understanding Seiko's version of the ETACHRON system and its available adjustments has become a lot clearer to me. This has been very interesting research. I also contacted my local suppliers to see if they have the ETACHRON adjustment tool as it seems like it will be needed. If you haven't seen one they look like this... John R725: Thanks so much for the link to the ETACHRON info! For me, the diagrams and animations on this page has provided me with the clearest explanation of how i
  8. Thanks for the link to the nh3 pdf file JDM. This file has very clear diagrams of the required adjustments. The Seiko service instructions I have for my 7S26C movement has small, very grainy pictures that are really not useable.I think at this point I need to absorb all of the input that's been provided and read the instructions/info provided and then make some decisions on how to proceed. Stay tuned for more updates! Roger
  9. I ran out of time last night so I didn't remove the balance cock to look at it again. I will do this next. I didn't remove the hairspring from the balance when I adjusted the hairspring for fear of damaging it.Cheers guys! Roger
  10. Update #5: I corrected the hairspring as best I could (this is the first time I have manipulated a hairspring). I know it could be improved even further, but I also know I can make things a whole lot worse, so I thought it best to "leave well-enough alone". Here is the result: When I installed the balance wheel back onto the movement and installed the stud into the stud support things look much improved: When I install the hairspring into the regulator slot, well, things go very wrong. The hairspring now moves to the left so it isn't even visible on the right side (the origi
  11. Very inspirational! I hope to work towards building my own case in the future. Keep up the nice work. Cheers! Roger
  12. Once you know which movement it has, you may want to look here: windingstems.com Cheers! Roger
  13. Hi JohnR725, Are you referring to the bottom pic with the orange arrow? If so, it may be the image was slightly distorted when I shrunk it down. The top 2 pics are untouched.
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