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  1. Hi the Elliot clock I have was bought in 2014 and is in good working order with original dial not restored,I think I might have to clean the clock now and maybe oil, What do you think?


    1. oldhippy


      That looks a fine clock. It is known as a basket top case. If the clock is going and keeps good time I would leave it alone. Is it platform or pendulum. My two are platform escapements.

  2. Hi Thanks for the Welcome, The Roamer is in good fettle but cost me £130 on ebay I think I paid over the odds for the Roamer but it is original and has its presentation case.

  3. Hi I am Paul Johnson Very interested in clocks/watches my collection is as follows a 1960s manual Roamer Poplar, a Tissot Automatic 111 a Bering quartz the father in laws manual Rotary (at present wont wind and the winder has become detached) My clocks are a 1950s Elliott mantel clock quarter chiming/ a Comitti carriage clock approx 1960s /a Matthew Norman carriage clock was my father in laws. I love everything about timepieces and look forward to more informative clips and information,I rate your you tube site very highly. Paul Johnson
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