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  1. Excellent results so far. The printing looks really sharp. I am also looking into having a steel cliche made for me, but somewhere in Europe.
  2. Yeah, but I don't know what brands to look for online. Do I just search on ebay for "pocket watch" terms? I don't really know what pocket watches are out there.
  3. I'd like to jump into this discussion as well, as this topic interests me. What pocket watches/movements should I focus on learning to service or restore, after becoming comfortable with servicing chinese eta 6497/6498? I am looking for easy and cheap to find and buy online pocket watches mainly.
  4. Thanks for the advice. Will have to disassemble the movement again and check the hairspring closer.
  5. Hi again, I am resurrecting this thread after a long idle time. After struggling to keep the watch running, I abandoned the project and moved on. But now I am thinking to restart working on it. So far I am kind of sure the hairspring is damaged, as I managed to warp it. I won't attend to repair it but instead I am thinking to purchase another hairspring. The clock movement being old and obscure, I have no idea about the hairspring specification. I see Cousins UK sells a set of hairsprings assortment and was thinking if it would be suitable to go on this route. I have big holes in my watchmaking knowledge and I am not sure if there is a correlation between the hairspring and the rest of the train gear and how to choose a new hairspring. So I am very eager to get educated on this matter.
  6. Oh, now I found them on Cousins. Thanks. DanP
  7. It is for a bespoke case I am designing and making. Trying to figure it out how the movement holder will be fixed to the case and some dimensions I need. Will search further on the links you posted. Thanks DanP
  8. Hi, Could someone advise where can I get case mounting tabs and screws for an ETA 955.112 quartz movement? Preferably online. I checked on Cousins UK website but they seem not to have. Thanks, DanP
  9. I was thinking about it too, but some doubts do come up in my mind: the clock belongs to my father-in-law and he says it was never serviced nor opened. It wasn't used for maybe 15 years but he remembers he was winding it every day when it was running. That tells me the power reserve was over 24 hours at some point in its past. Moreover, I noticed, that when I wind it up, the balance wheel doesn't turn by itself - I need to push start it for the clock to start running. Could it be that the m/spring has degraded by not running for so long, or due to my handling when working on it? Thanks, DanP
  10. I managed to put the movement back together and it is running. That was a good feeling, hearing the tick-tack rhythm. For the time being it runs without hands and I haven't mounted it inside the case. The thing is, the watch stops running after about 14 hours, though I would expect it to run for about 24 to 30 hours. Winding the mainspring back to max. actually needs maybe 2 full key turns. So it looks to me that there should be some more spring left after 14 hours. Anything I should check in particular? The mainspring is 3.5 mm x 0.35 mm, though I haven't measured the length. Thank you, DanP
  11. BINGO! That's how it is done It takes quite a bit of fiddling to get the mainspring inside but it is working. Thanks a lot! DanP
  12. Not really. In fact the supplier I get my metals from doesn't even know the type of bronze it sells. They have a single variety and don't know if it is bronze or brass
  13. Somehow I think the ring should be open ended, since the mainspring has a loop end that hooked to the post on the winder. Not sure how the thin metal strip linked on the ends (basically a closed ring) would be placed on the mainspring.
  14. Before I made the winder jig I have tried the cable tie, but it was too thick. I guess I will try to machine another containment ring, even smaller in diameter.
  15. Hi, I recently got a small vintage clock from my father in law. It is an Aradora clock, fabricated in Romania in 1978. I guess the movement was made "in house" as there is no marking on it. I wanted to refurbish it a little, so I disassembled and cleaned it. So far so good, but the issue I currently have is that I cannot figure it out how to lock the mainspring on its wheel when reassembling the movement. I am able to wind the mainspring all the way, with the help of a custom fabricated jig. The problem is that space available in the movement is so restricted, that no spring containment ring fits inside. I wonder if anyone has any idea about how the mainspring could be fitted back. Thanks, DanP
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