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  1. Good day to all! Would anyone know where I could source case backs, specifically Seiko (6138-0040 and 6139-7100), beside eBay? The few I can find are priced astronomically and the shipping is more than the part!
  2. Thanks all! Happily after a couple more emails back and forth the watch was ‘found’ and is listed as shipped. It doesn’t appear now that the seller has anything devious in mind just, as thought on this thread, was confused about the process.
  3. I kinda figured that. I just don’t know why the whole circus of payment and congrats for the win:). What probably irks me the most is the excuse. How do you misplace something you put up for sale 7 days ago? He should have told me his dog ate it.
  4. Good Day everyone!, I’m not sure this is an Industry problem but it kinda fits in. i won an auction on eBay by actually being the only bid on a watch. It was the opening bid price and the seller had listed a Buy it Now price too. Since none else bid I won for half the BIN price. I paid right away, everything was going smooth and then..... the seller emails me to say he mis-placed the watch and was going to ask eBay to refund me! Yet not a day later I see it listed for auction again, with a different item number but the exact same photos! I shot a note to the guy telling he can’t resell my watch and he just replied, saying he doesn’t know how it relisted! boy oh boy.
  5. Hi @watchweasol, I finally found the reference on the Borel site but can’t for the life of me figure out how to order it! (Or anything there). The Seiko part number isn’t recognized in the search box and either is the crystal x alternative. What am I missing?
  6. Holy cow, this is great stuff!!! Thanks for the research and info!
  7. Good morning (at least here in NY!), would anyone know of a source for cut sheets or part lists for specific seiko calibre-case combos? For instance, I have a 4336-5000 type II that I need crystal info on but everywhere I look it says that’s not a viable number. BTW, for all you folks in Australia, my heart is hurting seeing and hearing about the ongoing devastation and we’ll keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
  8. Thanks much! I’ve been buying up a bunch of scrap -5000’s and want to try to salvage 1 good one.
  9. Afternoon, anyone know the trick of opening these square cases? Almost seems they pry open.
  10. Wow, thanks to all!! I found the part from Cousins and made an account to order it. These pdf’s and other references are going to be a life saver. Now if I can lock myself in my office......
  11. So this is where I’m at so far. I don’t see any other numbers, am I in the right spot?
  12. Another question. The oscillating weight doesn’t have a screw. How does it come off?
  13. I haven’t gotten back to it yet, my honey had me working .
  14. Thanks for the replies! I thought that might be broken but I’m not entirely certain, that’s why I was looking for a schematic or a diagram. And I also thought that was the the lever screw too!;). It was different then the others but it didn’t budge either way. The keyless works are definitely really gummed up so what I should do is strip everything down and clean the parts; I should’ve started with a different watch;(.
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