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  1. Hi friends, a quick question about chrono pushers. I’m replacing them on a 6138-0020 and noticed that the one I took out is shorter then the replacement. It's a little sticky too, although I attribute that to the new gasket? The longer ones work, just seem to stick out a bit. Would anyone know if seiko made different pushers for different models of the same caliber (-0040, -0030, 0020, etc)?
  2. Greetings all! Trying to make use of the quarantine time! I’m in desperate need of a 5126 or 5106 repair manual or even an exploded view. I had purchased a partial movement to repair/complete a watch from another find; all was going well until I realized there was an extra part on the bench that I didn’t remember taking out. After that everything snowballed. Springs and screws mutinied and jumped ship and pieces that fit well before now refused. I’ve miraculously retrieved everything that flew but am still a little stymied. Help?
  3. Good day fellow forum folks!!, I have a seiko question. It’s actually a bunch of questions. i know the first 4 numbers are the caliber code, ie 6139, but the last 4 on the dial often differ from the case back. Sometimes by only 1 number but sometime by the entire sequence. Would the first be considered the dial code, containing information like date, color, etc. and the other code information on the actual case, style, origin, etc? Would an extreme difference in the 2 codes indicate a swapped case back? Am I correct in believing that a interpretation of the serial number will only yield the date of manufacture of the CASE, as well as the region but nothing really to do with the dial? i received a bunch of watches strictly intended for fixer uppers and while 2 of them have 6139 dials, the movements are 6138B’s. My inventory begins to runneth over;). Anyway, thanks for any insight!!
  4. Thanks!, I did try Speedtimer but no luck. I'll try the other two.
  5. Good Day everyone! I'm in search of some battery hatch covers for the Type ll quartz case backs. Anybody have a source? or a part number? the case is -8010 , -8040. And a bonus goes for a EL-330, 3303-8070 hatch!!
  6. I’ve been taking apart the assortment of 6138’s and 6139s I’ve picked up recently and I’ve noticed a strange reoccurrence. In the 4 odd pieces I’ve taken apart for cleaning and repair, not one had springs! The first watch I thought I had inadvertently dropped them but now I don’t believe they were there. And some of the pushers worked, although in hindsight they were stiff. Has anyone come across this?
  7. I’m dealing with the same thing right now!! I’m going to try the ultrasonic route.
  8. Wow! Thanks, that’s very helpful!
  9. Another question and/or dilemma. I bought a 6138- 0030 case and dial and fitted it with a 6138B movement. Whilst still requiring some work and parts, I wanted to get it as close to the true form as I can. I need to pick up a case ring and spring, a crystal, pushers and springs and hands. I want to get the proper ones for the dial so if anyone can advise, I’d appreciate it! I believe they should be baton, with orange second and chronos. The hands that are on now came with the dial. Also, do you think the yellow was originally orange and faded to yellow?
  10. Thanks for a all the help once again!! I feel as if my posts are always stirring a hornets nest though. I hope it’s just friendly banter
  11. Hello everyone! I’m trying to figure out if parts from a 6119 will be compatible with a 6138 and to that end I’m looking for a spec sheet for the 6119. I’ve already received the 6138 sheets courtesy of you fine folks here, wondering if the other is available. Also, is there a specific area of the forum I should be looking in for the specs? I haven’t seen one in my ramblings.
  12. I meant to 6138b! I’m not in it for much so hopefully it’ll just come together piece by piece. I went on a tear these past 2 weeks and bought a bunch of 6138’s and 6139’s. At somewhat reasonable prices. They all need a little something, the hands are wrong on one, another is missing a crown and stem. You saw the dials on the Pogues. Now I have to practice on those 7005’s for awhile!
  13. I actually bought a 6139b movement in pieces from eBay, knowing it wasn’t complete. After sorting everything it turns out there are only 2 screws;). My logic here, of course, was that I could buy bits and pieces here and there and wind up with a wonderful Bullhead for a fraction of the cost! I’ll let you know the final cost at the end.
  14. Hi again, any particular place you folks source spare screws? And, hopefully not a ridiculous question, would screws from a 7005 movement work in a 6138b?
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