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  1. Do you have a replacement staff? I'm thinking that getting one may not be as easy as you might think, especially with this type/age of movement, without a donor movement at least. If great care was taken, and you did some annealing, you could possibly straighten the pivots, as the older watches were more forgiving in the procedure, the steel wasn't quite as tempered/brittle. Another option would be a remover like this, and there are "screw down" types as well that would further protect the hairspring.
  2. Although it's hard to see the upper pivot, they both appear to be ok, why do you need to replace the staff? You would need a roller remover, like this.
  3. I would apply a drop of penetrating oil to the pipe/pivot and let it soak for a while.
  4. At least a cleaning. There is more friction on the balance pivots in the hanging positions than in the laying positions naturally. What you're describing sounds like at least a "dirt" issue but could be a bent pivot also. A good cleaning and inspection will more than likely reveal the cause.
  5. These are meant for the tool holder on a cross slide, usually on a mini lathe or larger, definitely not hand held. I'm not sure how they would work on a watch lathe, but if you took it slowly then it might work ok. Yes there is a lot of stress on the bearings, these are meant for larger lathes.
  6. If you mean the balance wheel I agree.
  7. It's definitely cheap enough, but would you ever need 1000? Just finding the right one, assuming the assortment had it in the first place, would be frustrating to say the least.
  8. A safer route would be a small pin vice, less chance of damaging the screw...
  9. https://members.awci.com/AWCIWEB/Core/Orders/category.aspx?catid=5 Here you go.....:)
  10. As a side note, the outer regulator pin rotates, using a wide screwdriver. Mark Lovick has several videos showing how this particular stud is turned out of the way to remove the balance/hairspring.
  11. I have one with two different eyepieces (pairs), a 10x and 15x, and the scope itself has 1x and 3x, giving a total of 4 magnifications, 10x, 15x, 30x, and 45x. I find 30x to be optimal for being able to see what I need and still have room under the main lens to work.
  12. Just remove the stud from the balance bridge with the spring still attached. There should be a screw holding the stud in place. Don't remove the spring from the stud. Turn the bridge upside down and replace the balance, dropping the spring in between the pins, place the stud back in its hole and tighten the screw.
  13. Here are a couple example images of the two company names as they originally appeared.
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