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  1. Thank u for the kinds words and offer...i know the feeling...always way too much on my plate...God Bless,John Sent from my LGL41C using Tapatalk
  2. Exactly stainless for sure...would never hold up if i did not Sent from my LGL41C using Tapatalk
  3. The crown just is a press fit and that little stud just locks the crown once it is turned...not the best design for sure...but it works...i just want to return it back to how it was originally made...the crown gasket is quite stout and seals quite well...but the tube itself needs to be smooth and made correctly for everything to work as it should...most of the aftermarket parts people try and use will not work...that is why genuine parts and making the tube properly will be key Sent from my LGL41C using Tapatalk
  4. Well the tube is not screwed in nor does the crown screw down...from what i am told..it is press fit into.the case with some epoxy....my thinking it should be something easy for someone with a lathe...i am trying to find a lathe or someone willing to make me a few...appreciate the response...i think i have found the correct material with the correct 4mm od and the correct 1.6mm id...God Bless,John Sent from my LGL41C using Tapatalk
  5. well thank u for the kind words and the response on my thread....truly appreciate it...God Bless,John
  6. Well thank u for the kind words...i think i need to find a good lathe...that will be key...i think i will practice on some cheap cases...if i make a mistake...better on them than my 6105....any recommendations on lathe for beginners? God Bless,John Sent from my LGL41C using Tapatalk
  7. well hello and appreciate the response....i figured i can not be the only one thinking about this...i know it would take a little work and set up....but would totally be worth it...might u remember who did this?...i do not have a lathe yet....not really sure which one to buy...i have used larger wood and metal lathe's....never one this size...and never even thought about owning one...but i like to fix things myself and if u have the tools...why not do it yourself... truly appreciate the great info....carbide bit...low rpm's.....God Bless,John
  8. well hello everyone...so nice to be here...looks like a great place to be...God Bless,John
  9. i am going to try and use a modified mini slide hammer assy to extract the old crown tube complete as to have one for measurements and to model the new one after...i will need to make a adapter to do this....
  10. Well hello everyone i am John...i am not new to watches...just to this forum...i have been on SCWF and Wrist Sushi for quite a while...i have asked around and no one has been able to give me any advice on my latest project....well i am putting a very nice Seiko 6105-8110 back together but somewhere along the way...someone damaged the case tube...and as most of your know...they claim that they are not repairable and case would have to be thrown away or what most people would do is a trip lock...which i personally dislike...one of the features is that unique crown...well i think i have done my due diligence and came up with a good solution...but i can not seem to find the correct way to accomplish this...here is what i am up against....here is the crown tube.... pic is borrowed from a friend on SCWF...this is far as i can tell the only pic of the infamous Seiko 6105 case tube...this one is from the 8000-8009 model but it is same but the 8110-8119 is just longer in the crown side.... here is a few more of what i am looking to build.... well my question to everyone and why i put this hear is ....i have figured this should be able to be made from stainless tubing like the originals and my thinking is that if i had the correct lathe...and the correct inner material to fit inside the tubing...i should in theory be able to replicate these...those who own lathes and have one...please let me know if i am right or wrong?...i have all the dimensions and i think i have even found the correct 4mm Od by 1.6mm Id tubing for the job....tube length 3,8 mm, diameter outside 2,6 mm. inside 1,6 mm any help will so be appreciated... thanks in advance God Bless,John sorry for the long thread...
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