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  1. Woops, hadn't noticed that. Now you've pointed out the misalignment it looks awful and I will refit correctly, thank you. I'm not sure that the debris is getting in, I will check the hands etc, there is mo delamination of the lacquer, just some scratches frothed previous broken glass occurring during her accident. I'll order a couple of replacement seals and have another go at fitting the glass and bezel (correctly).
  2. Sounds fab Neil, big welcome from Hastings UK
  3. Thanks for thoughts so far, debris is coming from the dial side as far as I can see; nothing from movement (rotor) side. Case was ultrasonically cleaned and pegged out prior to fitting glass and casing up.
  4. Wondering whether anyone else had experienced this. I repaired a colleagues Rolex after she smashed it in a fall, serviced, refitted rotor and fitted new glass. The plastic seal that arrived with the Sternkreuzer glass was too thick so I refitted the old seal. Watch us running really well and has been on the wrist for a few weeks but large amounts of debriefs formed on the dial, hands and glass. In inspection it looks like small particles or shavings of plastic, I can only think this us coming from the refitted seal, any thoughts gratefully appreciated.
  5. Hi there (from one newbie to another) It's very difficult to overwind a watch, you would have to put lots of pressure on the winder to rip the mainspring from the wall of the barrel. The usual reason is the watch has already been wound up but won't work because it generally needs cleaning and has given up the ghost. There are lots of lovely videos to get you started on your own watch with a handful of tools to start. Good luck
  6. What a wonderful welcome. Thank you & best wishes to you and your wife
  7. Would anybody be able to assist with sorting the correct glass size for an Omega Seamaster can 501 case number 2921. The inside diameter measures 29.5 but the glass that I took out measures 29.79 as best I can make out (it was cracked). Was thinking of replacing with Sternkruze armed. Any help eternally grateful
  8. Hello everyone, just introducing myself before I start pestering with questions. My background is clock restoration, I apprenticed with Thwaites & Reed way back when and only serviced my own (and family) watches. I'm not in the trade now but still have a workshop set up and enjoy tackling complete wrecks. Recent projects are a Longines who's keeper decided to add olive oil to smooth the winding, that was interesting to get off. I have just finished a rolex 3035 that took a spin through a washing machine and then git relegated to a drawer for a few years, now keeping time to within 3 secs per day, chuffed with that, so was the woman's husband. Other projects on the go include trying to finish making a carriage clock with a chronometer platform escapement and remontoire. Bit of head scratching on that one, it was started by a 92 year old friend of mine who has forgotten more than I ever knew. Thanks for having me
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