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  1. PeterGe

    Blow out a saphire crystal?

    There is rust in the movement. Water got in because the crown was left open.
  2. PeterGe

    Blow out a saphire crystal?

    As explained in my previous post, the compressor didn't even do the trick. So the can of compressed air won't do the trick either. Might work for acryl crystals though.
  3. PeterGe

    Blow out a saphire crystal?

    Another update. After buying a new adapter/connector for my compressor (lost the old one), i tried blowing out the crystal this way. As always I increased the pressure gradually, but even after putting significant pressure on it, the crystal remained in place. I'm worried putting more pressure is gonna break things. I've put this one on hold for the moment & have made an inquiry with the official service center. Let's see what they have to say about this. To be continued........
  4. PeterGe

    Blow out a saphire crystal?

    quick update. The lift tool can't be used, there is nothing to grab onto. Blowing out the crystal didn't work so for. I can't set enough pressure. Granted, I don't have a fancy Bergeon pump, I use a syringe. I'll try using the compressor, as i have already done in the past, but I have lost my adaptor. I also contacted the manufacturer. They don't have an idea as they don't service their watches themselves.
  5. PeterGe

    Blow out a saphire crystal?

    True. I'll give it go try this evening, worst case I'll need to replace the crystal ;-)
  6. PeterGe

    Blow out a saphire crystal?

    These tools are meant for acrylic crystal, not mineral or sapphire.
  7. Hi guys, I' got a watch here which is clearly a front loader. The back screws off but the movement ring is machined into the case itself. Also the opening of the caseback is to small to fit the dial through. There also isn't any seam or gap in the case to remove the bezel, besides the back lid, it is a solid case. In this situation I usually use a pump to blow the crystal out after removing the stem. However, until now all the front loaders I've dealt with had acrylic crystal. This one however has a sapphire crystal. My only concern is that the crystal could break under the pressure. pictures attached. Did anyone came across something similar?
  8. PeterGe


    The movement is a 7750. It secures just fine to the movement ring. And the movement ring itself also put in place with 3 clamps, but there still some play between the ring and case. I've had a look at the link above but I don't see how this is related to my situation.
  9. PeterGe


    Hi All, I got a Breitling Navitimer in for a small repair. Apparently the watch has been in for a repair some time ago for a broken crown. After this repair, the owner noticed that the movement rattles in the case a bit. As far as I can see, the movement is attached correctly to the movement ring & the movement ring is fastened correctly to the case. Still the movement rattles. When I received the watch, the caseback was turned down so tight it was hard to open. An attempt to eliminate the rattle by the previous watchmaker? Does somebody know whether these navitimers might have a flat spring in the watchback normally? or another system? I haven't found any info online on how these movements are cased by Breitling. Any suggestions are appreciated!
  10. PeterGe

    A nice gift

    Thanks for the response. It is a 6mm lathe. I've already been searching around and it seems that the 6mm accessories are indeed a lot harder to find. I've been looking out for a sewing machine motor on a local 2nd hand site, but no big offers there. So perhaps I should have a look on ebay. Any particular things I should pay attention on?
  11. PeterGe

    A nice gift

    A friend of mine, a retired watchmaker, asked me if I was interested in an old watch lathe. Why he even asked I don't know [emoji6] This what I received from him, an old Lorch lathe. Old but in good shape, no play at all. With a full assortment of collets. And the best part? I got it for free [emoji3] What do you think? Still usable or just a piece of antique? I actually was thinking of using it but first I have source a motor. Any suggestions for this? Looking forward for your opinions. Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  12. PeterGe

    Rolex Timing Mechanism

    here is a link showing how the Microstella regulation works http://www.watchwallpapers.com/ms.htm
  13. PeterGe

    Cracked your watch crystal?

    Other then the damaged parts mentioned i don't see any damage. The watch is running again with good amplitude & good timekeeping. Now I'm waiting for the new parts to arrive to finish the job.
  14. Hi everybody, Recently I got an Uboat watch (eta 2824.2) in which stopped running.The owner had no idea what could be the cause. A quick investigation showed that one of the automatic bridge screw came loose & got stuck in the wheel train. But that was not the only issue. When disassembling the watch I came across more issues: Broken dial feet, broken pivot in reversing wheel, damaged teeth on ratchet wheel & last but not least glass And then I really mean lots of it. Under each bridge I removed there was glass particles to be found. After informing customer about it, he told me that the watch had fallen quit hard and the crystal got shattered. He asked a local watch shop to repair it & they just put in a new crystal. So what can we learn from this? If your crystal gets really shattered, have a overhaul done because the change of having glass in you movement is quite high. And to make this thread a bit less boring I have attached just 1 example of glass I found in the movement :-)
  15. PeterGe

    New tool

    yes I did search around but I didn't found any info on how these compare to each other. As Horotec & Bergeon are both good brands I would guess both products should match in quality. Horotec is a bit cheaper & you get more in return.