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    MrRoundel got a reaction from WatchMaker in Dial removal on Minerva stopwatch?   
    I ended up buying a Meylan stopwatch that has a broken staff. It was under $10 shipped and taxed so I figured it was worth the lessons it held within. It has a broken staff. This probably happened whenever these things were banged around, as the solid balance is pretty beefy. I decided to remove the staff just to see what it was like.
    It is a rather conventional friction-fit design so it was pretty easy to punch it out. I may even make a staff for it someday soon. Being that has a minimum number of critical dimensions, it should be relatively easy to make. The balance shoulder and hairspring shoulder are the same dimension. And the one-piece double-roller has the other critical dimension. The pivot is a rather massive .14mm.
    If I can find a pre-made staff for it I probably won't fire up the lathe. We'll see on that one. As I said above, these things probably broke a lot of staffs so there should be some parts out there. I'll report back if I find either on the bay or dangling on the end of a piece of wire (As my old friend Charley used to tell me.).  Cheers all.
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    MrRoundel reacted to wudce in Mainspring Wind Left or Right   
    As Mark had said take pictures as you go which is what I have done and was going do the same with the MS before it flew apart.
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    MrRoundel reacted to nickelsilver in Wittnauer triple date   
    Depending where you are probably 500-700 euros/dollars/francs, maybe more, if less, probably a good sign you want someone else. The Valjoux 72 is an excellent chronograph movement, used by many makers including Patek and Rolex. It's definitely worth servicing.
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    MrRoundel got a reaction from Klassiker in Dial removal on Minerva stopwatch?   
    I found an identical Minerva stopwatch on the bay. After replacing the broken spring under the dial it came time to figure out the setting of the hands. It was a bit tricky trying to get things to line up as I lowered the dial/cams over their respective posts. I ended up Scotch-taping the hands at the 12:00 position while I maneuvered the dial into place. Believe it or not, it worked. The dial screws were the cam style. It took some force to engage, but ended up grabbing.
    While it seems there is little interest in stopwatches, I find them rather interesting. They're probably used as much or more in the general population than their time-telling counterpart, the pocket watch. And despite  having only 7 jewels, the Minerva movement is pretty well made. Not particularly valuable mind you, but neat. Cheers all.
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    MrRoundel got a reaction from Klassiker in Dial removal on Minerva stopwatch?   
    After getting the go-ahead (with indemnification) to use a bit more force from the stopwatch's owner, I pried a bit more aggressively. The dial did come off with the hands still attached to their lower cam pieces. It turns out there is a broken coil spring under the dial. That's what we figured based on the action, or lack thereof, of the main button (Crown). I'll probably have to buy a parts watch to get one.
    The next tricky part will be in re-setting the dial/hand unit. Surely the cams must be set just right relative to the return to zero position. Hopefully I'll figure that one out. Cheers.
    Images included for the curious.

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    MrRoundel reacted to Jon in Watch cleaning machine not cleaning well   
    I sorted my problem of the residue by changing my cleaning fluid and rinse. I now use 'Fine Clean' and 'Fine Rinse' by a company called 'Quadralene' https://quadralene.com/
    They don't advertise it and you can't buy it directly from their website, you have to call them. The great thing is you get 5 litre containers, instead of 3.8 litres that L & R sell and it is a lot cheaper. I think it works out about £70 with delivery, whereas L & R fluids will cost over £100 and you get 20% less fluid. No brainer!
    It's non ammoniated, but works a dream
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    MrRoundel reacted to luiazazrambo in Watch cleaning machine not cleaning well   
    A related youtube video:
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    MrRoundel reacted to clockboy in Measuring Small Hand Gauges?   
    I have that tool and have used it many times. If you have a hand that is smaller than the gauge can not measure then you measure the pinion it fits onto.
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    MrRoundel got a reaction from Mojangles in Is this LeCoutre&Co Pocket Watch legit?   
    I usually look at what would be the escape wheel bridge to see if it's below the plane of the other bridges, and under the balance. When it is, it says "cylinder" to me.
    LeCoultre made them. I believe even Patek and Vacheron made them, so the escapement wasn't terrible, especially on the three mentioned. Virtually any watch repair manual from "the day" will have information on cylinders. Lots of info around the WWW. Cheers back at'cha.
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    MrRoundel got a reaction from Mojangles in Is this LeCoutre&Co Pocket Watch legit?   
    I'm pretty sure it's a legitimate LeCoultre. That was a common bridge design they used on their cylinder movements. Be advised that cylinder escapement are rarely highly sought after, and not every watchmaker works on them. Their escapement isn't complicated, but it's different to work on. And it is not considered as accurate as lever escapements. I don't think I'd chase that one, especially if it's not running. Good luck.
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    MrRoundel reacted to clockboy in Swatch v Cousins   
    Swatch v Cousins in the Bern Court only slightly delayed due to Covid-19
    Our fight with Swatch over the supply of parts has only been slightly delayed by the Covid-19 outbreak. Because the Swiss judicial system mainly relies on written submissions rather than Court appearances, the impact on our case has been less than might have been expected. The deadlines for submission of documents were extended for an extra four weeks by the Swiss Federal authorities, and an extra two weeks extension was granted by the Judge in Bern.
    All the formal submissions by both sides have now been completed. The remainder of the process consists of informal comments by both sides (Swatch are due to submit theirs in the next two weeks and we will reply after that), and then a hearing in the Bern Court. We would expect the written verdict from the Judge around two to four months after that.
    The date for the hearing has not yet been set. The summer recess for the Courts runs from mid-July to mid-August and we expect it will be some time after that. A lot will depend on travel restrictions and quarantine issues, but hopefully by the Autumn this will not be a factor.
    As we said in our last News update, we were happy that our first submission was a very robust defence. As before, we can’t go into detail, but we can say that we think our second submission is even stronger than the first, and are very confident that the judge will reach the right verdict.
    We will keep updating you as matters unfold by email and on our website news page.
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    MrRoundel reacted to JohnR725 in How to wind or release power when ratchet wheel and click are hidden   
    usually on American pocket watches were the click is not visible there will be a hole on the side near the mainspring barrel. With your bench key in and a little pressure the click will release. then with something inserted into the hole I usually use a screwdriver. You can hold the click out then the bench key slowly rotating your fingers and let the power off.
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    MrRoundel reacted to JohnR725 in Removing Hands from a Stopwatch/Timer   
    Stopwatches are different then regular watches for hand removal. Usually with stopwatches the hands are not removed but the dial is removed with the hands. The hands are friction on with extreme force to a tube that on the backside has a heart shaped cam. So basically the hands go on spring-loaded cannon pinions with a heart-shaped cam used for resetting.
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    MrRoundel reacted to steve1811uk in Watch of Today   
    Ricoh 61 finally completed today. Feels great. Love the winding sound, Zip zip zip.

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    MrRoundel reacted to watchweasol in Anyone Recognise this movement TEXINA   
    Hi Daniel    Ichecked the down load It appeared it was duff so I have attached two pictures of the movement again.  If you checkout the setting lever spring with yours its the same so dfrom that I would deduce  Its a Gruen probably 145 .

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    MrRoundel reacted to Ishima in ETA 7001 mainspring problems   
    Dont mean to keep bumping this thread but i just though id report back and let you know i tried the mainspring suggested by WatchMaker and it worked a treat. It was a near thing, but it hooks without adjustment and now the watch is working well.
    Thank you a great deal.
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    MrRoundel reacted to steve1811uk in Seiko Quartz 4004-8089 Glass repair   
    Pictures here

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    MrRoundel got a reaction from Annie in Need advice on repairing a Wittnauer Geneve 242t   
    Yes, those Esembl-O-Graf booklets/DVD, etc. would be very handy indeed. I remember seeing them being sold at NAWCC marts. But since I was only interested in pocket watches at the time, I never snagged any. I do remember a friend buying a bunch of them. Good thought. I had forgotten about them.
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    MrRoundel got a reaction from Ishima in ETA 7001 mainspring problems   
    There's a guy on daBay selling what he says are "Peseux stems for mechanical watches" that includes one for a Peseux 7001, which I believe is the same as the ETA 7001. If they are indeed Peseux branded NOS springs, you should be in luck. Not cheap, but should work if ETA 7001 = Peseux 7001. The seller is in the USA. Good luck.
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    MrRoundel got a reaction from Annie in Need advice on repairing a Wittnauer Geneve 242t   
    At first I was thinking that you were fed "a line" by the jeweler about the "Rolex shop". But after searching on that movement I see that it may have Valjoux 72 chrono movement in it. I believe that some classic Rolex chronos use that same movement.  I agree with others about the virtual impossibility of fixing it yourself without doing more harm than good.
    That said, that price probably includes some things that you can do without. That sounds like a complete refurbishment price to me. Depending on the condition of things, you may be able to get by with a clean and oil to get it running. You won't get guaranteed waterproofing, new crystal, etc., but you may be able to make it wearable.
    As you can see in the information that JohnR275 provided, there are a lot of parts in that movement. Just keeping the screws of so many different shapes and sizes takes a special type of care. And if something got lost of broken during repair I don't think you'll have access to a large inexpensive supply of replacement parts for a Valjoux 72.
    If you're in the USA, Annie, you might consider navigating to the AWCI website. They are an organization specializes in watch and clock repair information, continuing education, etc., and has a list of watchmakers who you can probably set store in. Maybe there is one in your area? That's where I'd be headed. Best of luck. It sounds like a great watch to have inherited.
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    MrRoundel reacted to spectre6000 in What kind of crystal?   
    I called GS Supply, sounded as credible as I could and got dimensions for a crystal that sounds like it'll fit the bill. Ordered, and hopefully when it gets here I can report success!
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    MrRoundel reacted to HSL in Benrus   
    I think one can take a look at the previous posting of a Benrus like this,
    Rogart63 added an link showing the service of this movement...
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    MrRoundel reacted to Jimg1969 in Which Watch Have You Got Coming In The Mail ? Show Us !!!   
    Just picked this up for 25.00. has a split stem and the seller thought the stem was broken but it just needed pushed back in to reconnect

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    MrRoundel reacted to handwound in Which Watch Have You Got Coming In The Mail ? Show Us !!!   
    Today I received this beautiful Omega Genève from 1968 with blue dial. Iit was sold as not running, but with the optical condition and the ridiculously low price I just couldn't say no  


    When I opened it a screw fell right out the movement. I noticed that it should hold one of the caseclamps in place, which was missing. I guessed that the caseclamp made its way into the train of wheels, causing the watch to stop. So I carefully shaked the watch and volià, the clamp fell out and the movement began to run. I resecured the clamp with the screw. The movement looks really dirty though, so it will definitly benefit from a service. The results on the timegrapher confirmed that, so there is still work to do

     I also fittet an original Omega buckle to the strap. 

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    MrRoundel reacted to AndyHull in Which Watch Have You Got Coming In The Mail ? Show Us !!!   
    Three "for parts" watches, two pin levers, and a Kienzle automatic movement for around £1 each.  

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