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  1. EE & watch noob from NE UK

    That's the bit that makes me most nervous, more so than screws or springs popping. I don't want to be breaking that coil. That's my first watch disassembled, small parts cleaned and partitioned into milk bottle lids. I'll clean the molten date ring/battery electrolyte off the back of the dial and the chassis tomorrow. I'll need to get some grease and oil. I might just save myself the price of a new movement.
  2. Nice job. I have a quite similar one but with a black band round the indices. It hasn't been wound since the late eighties and now when wound it ticks for a bit, stops and starts intermittently.
  3. How do you do. I'm Frank from Aberdeen, up in the north east of Great Britain. I'm an engineer by profession mostly telecommunications in the space and telco industries with some work in European technical civil service. I don't do any hands on work at work but I keep my hand in during my spare time with electronics repairs, including surface mount technologies. I've also an interest in botany. I'm struggling a bit without a stereomicroscope. I've some old watches to repair including a Tag Heuer SEL quartz (955.112) whose bracelet broke. I then put it aside forgetting to take the battery out, it leaked, the watch is now dead on the movement holder with the date ring turned to hard melted plastic. I'll be looking for guidance on cleaning it up and replacing, perhaps repairing the movement. My ex-neighbour is a watchmaker but I haven't seen him around his shop of late. I'll also be posting a bit about tools and equipment. I don't have that many watches to justify massively kitting up but many tools will come in handy for electronics, hacking etc.