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  1. Thanks for your reply, the original stem is not broken, it for a pocket watch that requires a longer stem...Male & female need to be 0.8 might just take a chance and order a 0.8 size
  2. Hi, I need to use a stem extender, but confused about the size, the size I need is 0.08 but I don't understand what Tap size is, the movement is a Miyota 2035 any help would be appreciated.
  3. Hi eccentric 59, thanks for your help worked a treat, watch all cleaned and back together n ready to go. Many thanks again. Cheers Bill.
  4. Hi Watchweasol, thanks very much for your help and the pdf file, watch all cleaned and finished. cheers Bill.
  5. Hi, I have a ladies Seiko Quartz watch, cal.7N89-4060 brought in 2002 I need to remove the Crown and stem but can't find the little pusher I want remove the movement to put the case and bracelet in the Ultrasonic cleaner. I have enclosed a photo of the movement, any help and advise would be appreciated.
  6. Hi W yeah Cousins used to have these but are no longer available, Oh sorry its taken a while to answer you I must remember to click on "Notify me" L 24mm W16mm Thickness 4mm. I'll have a look at the Miyota must be able to get hands i would think,
  7. Thank you all for your help, I thought it was friction fit, I have a stacking set should be able to sought it out now. must have gone a bit heavy when putting the minute hand on. Cheers Bill.
  8. Hi, I been working on a half hunter pocket watch, I have serviced this watch and to my surprise there is no pallet fork. On reassembly the watch runs well considering its age, but the hands "don't move" in 12 hours they moved from 12.00 to 1205 the continues to run happily until the spring runs down. I must have disassembled it 4 times trying to find the fault then i noticed the centre wheel (minute wheel) the long pivot was loose surely this can't be right...My question is how do i correctly secure the pivot. Thanks in advance.
  9. I am trying to find a replacement movement for my Sekonda pocket watch, that has sentimental value. The watch is about 20 years old and the original movement was ruined by battery leakage. SU 2256 I assume is the calibre. any help would be appreciated.
  10. Am I right clicking on "Quote" to answer messages,? well i think you done well, shame you cant find the parts you are after, it must be a rarity not a watch i have come across before. Cant even throw any idea's your way, only keep looking, I mainly go for old 60s watches, I did make 3 watches from the video that Mark put up Make your own watch buying the parts from ebay they actually came from China, i did one for my Son one for my Daughter and one for myself, they keep very good time, only like to have one project going a time but they can last time while looking for spares.
  11. Thanks for the link, I think i may have passed on the Voyageur looked a bit of a wreck, did you ever get it finished.?
  12. I'm led to believe Glue is a No No in watches, but i did find the plastic domed crystal was glued in place with super glue i managed to get it out before i knew about the glue "a right mess". The hairspring stud is not held by a screw but looks like its pressed in "friction fit" wouldn't attempt to do any more hairspring work without a Microscope
  13. Yes i have another 8800 the balance has a broken bottom pivot it wont run at all, I checked the pivots on this one and they are OK but i feel the bottom pivot could be bent, I will check out ebay for another old movement with a decent balance in it.... don't know why i am bothering with this old watch but i don't like to give up on it, Its a challenge,, Thanks for help Cheers.
  14. Only worked 8800 am i right those in the pic's are dia-shock,? would have been a lot easier with Dia-shock. I love this hobby but had lots of failures with Balances and Hairsprings, I've just been reading its an on going problem which makes me feel not so bad. The balance wheel looks wobbly which could mean a bent pivot, I don't think i have the skill to put in a new balance staff..
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