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  1. Obtaining a Hairspring

    Hi All, Thank you very much for your interesting comments, the calibre is FHF ST 96. a new Balance complete would be the perfect answer. I followed Mark's video on straightening out the hairspring, I removed it from the Balance wheel with hand removers, then removed the stud from the bridge, on attempting to straighten the hairspring the stud come off, I managed to get the stud back on the hairspring but the small brass retaining pin pinged out off the tweezers into oblivion. Eventually I got some new pins and managed to secure the stud to the spring....I found this was the most difficult thing I have ever had to do..."THIS WAS NOT EASY" . I assembled it all back together and put it back in the movement, although it worked the amplitude was very low, I had serviced the watch with cleaning and fresh oil...I think it can only be the hairspring not working right
  2. Hi, can someone tell me where I can get a new Hairspring, the one to be replaced is from a 50 year plus old watch, which has see better days.
  3. Miyota 6P23 how to remove the stem

    Thanks ro63rto, the PDF Drawing work fine, although I couldn't get the stem out of the old movement had to take a couple of pieces out to see the inside then it came out OK, as you can see watch works fine now...Thanks to all who helped... Sorry having trouble uploading pics again...
  4. Miyota 6P23 how to remove the stem

    I have a new movement to put in, I should be able to see the lever on that....
  5. Hi, Can anyone tell me how to remove the stem and crown from a Miyota 6P23 Quartz movement cant find anything to unscrew or press...Thanks
  6. End stone problem.

    Thanks for the links, and your help, I've really jumped in the deep end haven't I. But I must complete this project on my Dads watch. Firstly must get the new Incabloc. Does the damaged bloc simply push out with no special tools,?
  7. Thin Spring Washer

    Hi Vin, can you give me a title of the book that might apply ...Thanks...
  8. End stone problem.

    Hi Stuart, I managed to get the end stones for my ST Movement, I don't know how you find the right number ie 722.11 for the lower end stone...My question is I need a spring as well but know the right one to get, can you tell me code no. of the one I need ...Also I must mention on getting out the broken spring, (not even sure if I've got it out) I may have damaged the area where the spring goes. Apart from getting another Main plate complete with the jewel in place...Do I have any other options,.?
  9. Thin Spring Washer

    Thanks.... my guess was right...but had to make sure...
  10. Thin Spring Washer

    Managed to get a picture uploaded...
  11. Thin Spring Washer

    Sorry about picture upload, "cant seen to manage it".....
  12. Thin Spring Washer

    After reassembling my FFST 96 movement I have a thin spring washer over (or shim) I don't know where it go's...I can only guess it go's on the hour wheel and watch face....see picture IMG_3228.JPG Thanks Bill..
  13. End stone problem.

    The whole setting is out already I think , just the piece of broken spring remains... Don't know how I'm going to see what I'm doing....I have only cheep loops the most powerful one is 15. just had a look at the broken spring my finest tweezers seem far to big, might have to do a job on them.
  14. End stone problem.

    I have to get the broken piece out yet.....its it just fitted into a slot, so it should just pull out with tweezers....."Hopefully"
  15. End stone problem.

    I have contacted Cousins requesting 722.11 for a FF ST 96... The lower shock stone spring got broke trying to them out, the spring looked fatigued and in poor condition, I just helped it on its way.. Am I right the jewel is in 2 parts 1 part stay in its retainer, the other part that you oil that goes on top, and the spring keeps it in place.