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  1. Seiko NH35 impossible to adjust

    Hi, My watch is repaired, the new movement came by mail yesterday. Took 49 days to receive from China, I had almost lost any hope of receiving it!! Runs nicely now, here is a timegrapher readout of the movement right out of the box. I adjusted it to about +3s/day before installing it in my watch. I will mess with my DOA movement now and try to fix it;) Cheers, Seb Envoyé de mon Nexus 5X en utilisant Tapatalk
  2. STP 1-11 and ETA 2824 parts compatibility question

    Hi, Just a quick update. The watch was ready last week; stem was changed and keyless works resetted. Cost, 60$ CAD, pretty good for me. Even took a bit of time to regulate it for me, the watch runs an amazing +1s/day after a week. Everything feels nice and smooth when operating the crown but when adjusting the time, there is a slight "loose" feeling where the hands don't move instantly when turning the crown, maybe 0.5mm of play. I'm okay with this since I might have damaged something when it broke on me and no extra parts were changed. Cheers, Seb Envoyé de mon Nexus 5X en utilisant Tapatalk
  3. STP 1-11 and ETA 2824 parts compatibility question

    Hi, Some news. Watch is still with my watch guy. He checked under a loupe a 2824 stem as a replacement for the STP one. Even if they look similar, he still preferred to order a real STP one. As I expected, he has no parts in hand for this movement and will need to order everything, making a rather routine repair job a 2-3 week thing! Thanks! Seb Envoyé de mon Nexus 5X en utilisant Tapatalk
  4. Hi, I have a Zodiac Sea Wolf (new release) powered by a STP 1-11 movement. Watch runs great but I had a small incident while setting the time (slipped from my hands and fell on the countertop about 4-6 inches below ). Watch still ran fine but the stem was bent a little. Before it broke while operating it, I decided to remove it from the movement; it was partially broken and snapped in two in my hands once removed. I took precautions to remove it like a ETA 2824 stem (position #3-time setting mode). However, I have an uncut 2824 stem here in my spare parts and tried to insert it inside the watch movement to repair it myself. It did fit nicely and I was able to handwind the watch, change the date and set the time, but the watch stays in "hacked mode" and the balance wheel won't run. I did take it to my watch guy this morning so he can have a look (it was his first STP 1-11 he ever saw). He'll order the right parts for it and fix it. I wonder what could be the reason for the watch to stop running after the stem was removed and reinserted (2824 stem looked like a perfect fit when looked at with magnification compared to the STP 1-11)? It still ran good after the small drop. I just hope I did not mess up the keyless works with my small experiment... I'll keep you informed of the outcome. Thanks for your help! Seb Envoyé de mon Nexus 5X en utilisant Tapatalk Envoyé de mon Nexus 5X en utilisant Tapatalk
  5. Seiko NH35 impossible to adjust

    Hi, Just some news for those interested. The replacement movement is not here yet but since then, I let the watch run down and out of the winder. I had a week of vacations out of the country and when I came back, I decided to check it out again. I took the watch from my box and, still fully unwound, I have a swift and firm hit in the palm of my hand, making the rotor spin furiously. I shook it a few times and fully winded it. Strangely, the amplitude is now about 250 degrees and the watch runs about +3s/day....It has gained about 9 seconds since last Saturday, pretty much perfect for me. Something was definitely sticking inside and the watch gods removed it for me... I'll keep the spare movement close untils it starts acting again; I'm not a strong believer of self-healing mechanical entities! Thanks to all, Seb Envoyé de mon Nexus 5X en utilisant Tapatalk
  6. Seiko NH35 impossible to adjust

    Hi, I checked it with a loupe today. I don't know the exact term, but the end of the hairspring that attaches to the beat correction stud was not properly engaged and it was barely holding. I took a small pointed tool and pressed it back in place with a satisfying "click". I checked on the timegrapher afterwards and the lines are now clean, no more "noise" and it gained a bit of amplitude, maybe up to 215 degrees. However, upon close inspection with a loupe, I can see that the balance wheel seems to be crooked and not straight. I can see a minimal "wobble" and it is probably rubbing somewhere. I'll try my luck and repair it when I have my other movement installed. Thanks, Seb Envoyé de mon Nexus 5X en utilisant Tapatalk
  7. Seiko NH35 impossible to adjust

    Hi, I got it from an Asian reseller on ebay Looks legit with plenty of positive feedback. Cheers, Seb Envoyé de mon Nexus 5X en utilisant Tapatalk
  8. Seiko NH35 impossible to adjust

    Thanks guys for the useful infos, I've let it run overnight in my winder and somewhat it only gained +3 seconds compared to my atomic G-Shock...but I know it isn't running right even if it keeps somewhat decent time!! I'll definitely open it again and check it with a loupe when I have a few minutes. Thanks again!! Seb Envoyé de mon Nexus 5X en utilisant Tapatalk
  9. Seiko NH35 impossible to adjust

    Hi, I can actually get the beat error to 0ms but the rest of the timing is impossible to adjust. It constantly fluctuates like a rollercoaster, ranging from +5 s/day to +30s /day with the dial up. As soon as move the watch in another position, the lines go downhill instantly on the timegrapher. Thanks! Seb Envoyé de mon Nexus 5X en utilisant Tapatalk
  10. Seiko NH35 impossible to adjust

    Thanks! I found a detailed step-by-step procedure for a 7s26, looks pretty similar. Cheers, Seb Envoyé de mon Nexus 5X en utilisant Tapatalk
  11. Seiko NH35 impossible to adjust

    I left the watch overnight on my desk and it only gained about 7-8 seconds, so it is not that bad when left undisturbed. Looks like the very strong variations seems to "even out" at the end. However, you can see the seconds hands running erratically around the dial, uneven and imprecise beats all around.....goes fast, then normal, then almost grinds to a halt, then it starts back running fast. I'll work on it when the replacement movement is installed in the new watch (got to learn how to switch the day wheel in the meantime, since this one has a black day wheel and the replacement will have a white one!). Thanks for your help! Seb Envoyé de mon Nexus 5X en utilisant Tapatalk
  12. Seiko NH35 impossible to adjust

    Hi, I have bought it new. It came in with all the stickers and stuff. I had about a dozen watches with this movement and they usually perform well but looks like this time I got a fluke. Thanks for your help, Seb Envoyé de mon Nexus 5X en utilisant Tapatalk
  13. Seiko NH35 impossible to adjust

    Hi, First time poster here, long time reader and member from various popular watch forums on the web since 2012. I am a simple hobbyist and gathered a few tools among the years and can perform a few simple tasks in watchmaking like movement swaps, hands and dial replacement and other minor stuff but not a complete teardown service (might try my luck with a dead movement at some point!!). I have an issue with an automatic watch powered by a Seiko NH35 movement. The watch is a microbrand dive watch and was made in 2016. I had this for a while and it never ran really well. It barely kept the time within Seiko own specs and I had to readjust it every 3-4 days because it would deviate too much from a reference time. Since I have about 20 watches, I rarely wore it and did not closely looked at it. I invested in a Weishi-1000 timegrapher earlier this summer and tried to make it run better yesterday. The beat error was about 1.0ms and the amplitude was quite low at 190-200 degrees even when fully wound. Timekeeping was not really stable in the graph; the line was not straight and a few "noise" dots were present on the graph. It showed a lot of variation depending on the position. I opened the watch and adjusted the beat error to 0/0.1ms quite easily. The timing however was another story. Every time I managed to adjust the timing in one position to an acceptable rate (like +4-5s/day), it quickly dropped to about -90s/day (and even lower) as soon as I moved it crown up or down. Amplitude dropped steadily to a low 175 degree in these other positions. Also, when "adjusted" to a reasonable rate with the dial up, like +5-10 s/day, the timing was very variable; lines on the graph looked like a rollercoaster, ranging from +5s/day to +20s/day. The lines are not clean either; they are thick and wide most of the time and if I move the watch to another position (like 12 o clock up) and they will become precise, but the timing becomes instantly bad. I'll try to add timegrapher pics later tonight when I come back home. I have the feeling that something is rubbing or snagged in the balance wheel/hairspring area, but I am mostly clueless about this one, never happened before in my limited experience. Might also try to put it on my demagnetize if it helps. Since this movement is so cheap, I already ordered a new replacement for about 30$. I am asking here where to look because I'll try my luck and fix this one when the swap will be done. Thanks for your help!! Seb Envoyé de mon Nexus 5X en utilisant Tapatalk