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  1. @oldhippyyou might have some tips? As you have already helped me out many months ago!
  2. looks really fine! May i perhaps get to know what his recipe is?
  3. Hi to you all, I was wondering, if you use a regular ultrasonic instead of a watch cleaning machine. How would you rinse your parts? And how many times? In which solutions? I always cleaned my parts in the ultra sonic with a solution and rinsed the parts in benzine( that's the way an old watchmaker learned me) but i've found out that very often this does not give me the results i was hoping for. Can I perhaps get little jars with a rinse solution and run those in the ultra sonic? thanks!
  4. They were apparantly used to cut the real fixoflex breacelets to fit. Because they were delivered as 20mm while most older watches were 16/18mm at the lugs.
  5. Hello, i found a few other things today. Can somebody help me out? kind regards.
  6. Thank you! I have a few other tools that I can't really place in to a certain task, can I ask you tomorrow about them?
  7. Hello, I recently bought the old stuff from my dad's old watch maker. There were a lot of good things in the lot, like a complete dumont tweezers and burgeon screwdriver set for example. But there are a lot of tools that i have never even seen before. Can somebody help me identify this tool? Even if it actually is for watch making, he also made glasses at some point of his carreer. Thanks for the answers! Kind regards, Bert Mengels ( BTW am new to the forum :d)
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