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  1. I am trying to change my sons crystal on his citizen chronograph. I cannot find the thickness I require and just want to check with you all before I spend real money. I can find the width with no problem, but depth is not the same in any way. I can only find the sapphire crystals will go to 2.4 thickness and the mineral in increments of 0.5 mm so 2.5mm and 3.00mm. The crystal installed is 2.84mm so my question is can I get away with a 2.4mm sapphire crystal and will it make a difference to the water resistance testing? I want it to be right and not just ok. He does tend to damage his watch crystals often so would like to fit something a bit more robust. I know that in the watch world 0.4mm can make a world of difference, but crystals I am having a bit of a mental wobble.
  2. Thank you oldhippy and Anilv for the welcome. I am a little bit opposite now Anilv as I can no longer work on the bikes and cars due to illness but the eyes are ok....SO FAR.
  3. Hi all, I have no Idea why I did not join this forum sooner. I have been watching the youtube videos for 2 years now but mostly in and out for the specific information I need. I was around before the birth of the internet we know today, and was using the BBS bulletin boards on modems before then if anyone else remembers those days,So the internet is now a tool more than anything else. I repaired and rebuilt cars and motorbikes as a hobby, trained in IT and telecoms which I did for about 30 years. Seem to have a nack for things that move and how they fit together makes sense, So Thanks to a failed business idea from a friend of mine and my Antique collecting mum got into vintage clocks. Then I downsized again into pocket watches and then watches, I am amazed by the size and complexity of this world and have repaired quiet a few along the road. I still consider myself a noob and always learning, and I am here to just learn more. Oils, techniques, easier ways of doing things, polishing and remaking parts you cannot get anymore. Currently have a disorganised library of vintage parts in 200+ plastic boxes and I am sure it will get much bigger as I learn which bits go in where and add them to the database I am creating. This is not a business just a hobby so do not get to dedicate as much time as I would like, maybe that is the fasination with time as I never seem to have enough.
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