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  1. Thank you ! :), it works. I aligned the jumper, and when I rotated the calender wheel manually it suddenly snapped in. Now the date has is nice "snap" once it changes the date :).
  2. Have adjusted it like that. Also removed the jumper altogether to see if the disc would move more, but it didn't. I measured the diameter of the peg on the driving wheel and it's 0.3mm, is this the correct size?, to me the peg looks a little bit smaller then the other once I see pictured here.
  3. I've bent the date jumper back a bit, have also tried several different amount of bending it without solving the problem. The only thing that looks like the culprit is the driving wheel. I've also noticed that is has a very slight wobble compared to all the other wheels, is this supposed to be like this?. Just want to be 100% sure what's wrong before I start ordering parts. When it comes to the date jumper, the teeth on the date star just glides over it, is it supposed to lock the date in any other way then just to keep some light pressure on the disc?.
  4. Thanks, I've already checked out that page a lot :), but none the wiser. Don't look like I'm missing any parts, bides the center of the date wheel looking different, but I think the brass makes the center of the date wheel fit snug is just the bottom of the hour wheel, is this correct?, or should there be a plate on top of the one I got?.
  5. When you look at my second picture you see that there is a lot of room in the middle of the disc. I though you meant that there was supposed to be a bushing that would make it fit snugger. There is only the big spring, not any small parts that I can see is missing. Here is a pic of the only spring I have :). From what I understand the calendar driving wheel has that little tap on it that connects with the teeth beneath the date disc, what function the spring has beside keeping the datewheel more pushed up against the dial window I don't know.
  6. From looking at pictures I can find only one of them seem to have a different design that seem to center the disc better, from the looks of it the others don't have this. But, it would be logical since the disc isn't perfectly centered. Haven't been able to find out what this is called.
  7. The calender date disc is not moving correctly on a Rolex Oyster Date Precision (datejust ref.6694 cal.1215 The date on the calendar wheel only shows in between dates in the date window, it also seems to be moving only about 3/4 of a turn each 24 hours. It looks like the notch on the driving wheel isn't correctly contacting the teeth on the datewheel. How can I get the date to align correctly?, could the driving wheel be worn to much or is there something else that's more likely?.
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