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  1. anyone have any info on pocket watch case replating mailorder ect. reveiws I have read on google searches looks shakey. also can these pen plating systems do cases or just touchup.
  2. be gental and do not flex if its not cut to proper size. should just lay in then use you U V glue only need tool for acrylic
  3. getting ready to drop the hammer on a stereo microscope wich magnefication do you guys think is best. most recommend 45x and the other half say 90x. any advice will be greatly appreciated. want to have enough power to check for chipped jewels but still have enough working height.
  4. Just found a great book on rules for watch timing. Rules and Practice for Adjusting Watches by WALTER J. KLEINLEIN author of Practical Balance And Hair Spring Work. This book goes much more in depth than DeCarle and others. Actually breaks down for beginners and highly skilled workman. The beginner section is broken down and explained in depth step by step for each position and what to do if in the minus or positive in each position. Also gives hundreth of millimeter side and end play for each train gear and pallet and escape wheel. Wich I have always wondered how much was correct and never found anywhere else. Highly recommend for bench top reference.
  5. Maybe he means he cant let down the amount of winding safely pendant wont slow it Sent from my SM-S320VL using Tapatalk
  6. love your videos. i have learned so much from you over the years. i am interested in your course but i am not as good at my computer as i need to be. its probably my fault but it seems that i have issues getting things to work. tried to access your free 5 lesson and had no luck do you go more in depth with the coarse or would it just be for the beginner. have a back ground as a machine operator years ago. running the old paper tape moogs before computer,six station chucker lathes have lot of knowledge with numerous materials even some exotics they had nasa contracts.love working on watches now for seven years. all self taught from you and the many books. interested with your course but not computer literate as much as i may need. do you go more in depth in course on final positional timeing or would it be for beginners.any info would be of much help.

  7. I see your new also tried to load pics and couldn't on website so tried phone like you but can't get tapatalk to do anything I must be to old
  8. if the mainspring was over wound for an extended amount of time it probably took a set to that small space it was jammed to now spring doesnt have enough power to send through a filthy movement. most likely a service and mainspring replacement
  9. thank you ss steel i accidently started a avalanch but you may have answered my original question where to get parts i will try that site. the only issue i have is my relative is with dod on one of the army bases and all these guys love the marathon watches and i am sure in there operations they need to trust their time peices thats why i had to set aside well actually put my 5555/98 on ebay.already planned on going to a air compressor if couldnt locate pump parts. thank you much for your input and i also apreciate every one else who have helped on this matter
  10. thanks for input realistically thats about what i would test to but when the customer with one of the new deep blue and others rated to rediculous depth is standing on my sholder would be nice to go to 10 on a tester rated at 11 atm after battery change. realisticly the watch will only see the pool if lucky
  11. hello i have a calipso tester that is giving me an issue the unit hods pressue fine the problem seems to be the pump can only reach 6 atm easily after that a lot of ressistance to pump and it only adds pressue inthe last inch of stroke still goes to 10 atm but with ridiculous amount of pumping will o ring kit have parts for backflo preventor in bottom of pump or do i need other parts any help will be greatly appreciated
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