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  1. Sorry guys been away for a while and away from computer. again appreciate the continuing replies. unfortunately still no joy with removing the pins. guess it's a new strap, pity as honestly thought I would have got it in the end ??!!
  2. Okay thanks appreciatte your reply, unfortunately we are talking about one off the fixed / secured links not one off the push in / push out type that are on the majority off the strap ( there is no hole at the side off the strap like the other links to simply push out the pin ) as I say in an ideal world would simply pull out the remaining pin on each side with plyers unfortunately it does not want to easily come out and again dont want to risk snapping one off the pins taking me back to square one again !! just wondered if anyone had sucusfully managed to remove a fixed link pin broken like my picture above ?
  3. Hi guys will with your help keep at this just a bit longer before replacing the strap ! okay have now cut thru the last link and removed what was left which as you will see from the picture leaves two protruding pins one each side, tried carefully pulling on the pins with plyers but neither side was for moving so instead off keeping at it and no doubt snapping one off the pins and being back to square one again !! I thought Iwould stop and see if there was any suggestions on here on what could possibly be used to remove the remainder off each pin ? would some sort off oil loosen the pins to make extraction easier ? cheers, john
  4. Hi again guys sorry not been around to acknowledge all your kind replies but again a big thank you anyway. do have one off those cheap Chinese watch strap repair kits so got the basic tools. noirrac1j - Thank also for your kind advice, sorry not sure if I am following you correctly ?! the broken pin is still within both ends off the strap ie. there is a small length left in each side plus the bit in the centre on the other side off the strap, appreciate I could knock or dremel the centre pin out but not sure how I would go about getting the two other broken bits out as obviously there is no where for them to go by using the punch on these ? would a Dremel with micropunch Break up the two bits off pin remaking enough to replace with the new spring pin ? as I say they have broken flush so no pliers or whatever would be able to pull them out . sorry as a newcomer possibly missing something obvious to which I appoligies ??!!
  5. Okay thanks watch is no longer made so guess its just acase off getting a similiar size / style strap ! pity I thought there may have been a tool that would remove the broken pins but guess they may be in there for good !!
  6. Thanks for the welcome guys, okay pics attached. in answer to the last reply can live with the second hand not sweeping, the hour / minute hands are working fine which I am okay about considering we thought the watch was going to be in several pieces / smashed screen etc !! could replace the strap just wondered if there was a way off keeping the original and removing this fixed pin link ?
  7. Hi new here so a big Hellow to you all and hopefully I can get enough advice to help me get my sons watch fixed !!! the watch is a Scuderia ferrari 2 tone s/s watch strap / black face. cut a long story short the watch was dropped from the fifth floor level off our hotel in Ibiza a few weeks back ! anyway found the watch which had only a snapped strap and the second hand had stopped working. so okay looking at the strap I thought it would be a simple case off removing a link ( broken one ) and just having the strap slightly shorter which would not have been a problem , unfortunately the link that broke was was one off the non removable ones on the strap ie fixed pin type. the pins have snapped so they are flush within the sides off the link and so cant be pulled out.. what now ? is there any way off removing these broken fixed pins ? any help / advice would be very much appreciatted.
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